Friday, January 29, 2010

Scrambled Eggs Ala Lea Ann Ala George

I’m not a real cook like many of the food bloggers, but one thing I feel pretty good about is my scrambled eggs. As a kid, grandma taught me to add a little cream, cook them slowly, and gently fold them into large soft and moist curds and I’ve been cooking them that way for 50 years. I’d been thinking scrambled eggs for breakfast and as I sat here reading through my blog favorites, what shows up on Lea Ann’s post over at Mangos, Chili and Z for that day but a new recipe for them. I checked the frig and found capers, snipped a sprig of rosemary when I returned form taking Alex to school and I was ready to go. We enjoy capers and are always looking for places to use them – even Alex likes them. She’s a little like my son – he wouldn’t eat the common roast beef and green beans, but would eat the more unusual country ham and raw broccoli.

I basically made my normal eggs for Bev and I with the addition of a double recipe worth of rosemary, capers and cheese and served them on the last of the homemade burger buns – toasted. The one compromise was using pre-grated cheese - all I had on hand. Sided them with some tangerine wedges.

I’ve been adding different things to scrambled eggs my entire life and like Lea Ann, would never have come up with this, but Bev and I both thought they were very good – but you have to like capers. Next time, I think I’ll add some black olives to the mix. Thanks George and Lea Ann. We actually ate the meal on Wed but I had a backlog of things to post.

About the title picture. Like much of the country, the first two weeks of January were unusually cold, and has been followed by a week or so of warm, moist weather. I was out getting a load of fireplace wood from my wood rack and noticed some green poking through the ground. Upon further inspection, the green was the first daffodil’s peeking out from under the leaves. They looked like they’ve been bit by the cold, and may yet again, but they are getting ready to begin beautifying the woods area and announcing that spring is here.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a non breakfast post - about time you say?.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Larry, I am so glad you & Bev liked my additions to scrambled eggs. Nothing can be so easy to prepare than scrambled eggs. But sometimes we just need to spice'em up and give them a makeover.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a "wink & nod" here. I look forward to browsing through your site and seeing what is cooking in your neck of the woods...

  2. I'm so eggcited that you gave these a try and liked them. I do like your idea of adding the olives. And thanks so much for the shout out, always fun to see your name in lights. How nice to see daffodils. I'd say we're about a month away for any thing to come peeking out of all this snow in my yard. Thanks Larry!!

  3. I take exception to your remark that you aren't a "real cook" like most food bloggers. You are a superb cook, in my opinion. You have a real love of food and it comes through.

    I just started cooking my eggs low and slow like yours recently and they are the best. Creamy and smooth.

    Sounds like you guys are missing most of the snow:)

  4. It just started snowing here about 10 minutes ago.

  5. Ah...winter in east Tennessee... I know I've had birthdays where it was blizzarding like today, birthdays when it was in the 70s, and birthdays with everything in between.

  6. Low and slow and with a little cream that's right! There really is an art to good scrambled eggs - most people overcook them. Heck there is even a master recipe for Oeufs Brouilles in Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook, so there, you ARE indeed a REAL foodie blogger, like it or not!?!

    Who is Little Dude and is it his birthday?? (if so Happy Birthday Little Dude :)

    And, whatcha got sprouting up there?? Daffies?

  7. Little Dude is the youngest daughter of Big Dude and her birthday was yesterday - she's the nearest of my kids at 20 miles away.

  8. The semi-techno geek/ultra slow sous chef/bringer of things from town/apartment manager/occasional dog sitter/frustrating beyond words/complete polar opposite/bestower of the name Big Dude/apple of his eye youngest daughter, also known from time to time as Wende. :) And thanks. :)

  9. Hi There, Just dropping by to say HI. We have snow-snow-snow today/tonight.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... Can you just imagine how excited I am???? Bet you are getting it too... Wonder if your Daffodils are going to like this stuff??????


  10. This looks delicious. I love your real food posts, Larry. It sounds like you know your way around the kitchen quite well. :) And your header photos are amazing! Lucky you for getting daffodils this early! We'll start seeing a little life in late March - but I'm near the Canadian border.


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