Sunday, January 17, 2010

It’s Stir Fry Night At Almost Heaven South

Before I get into the stir fry, I have a request. When I was a kid, various family members would make chow mein and serve it over the crunchy, canned noodles - I liked to eat the noodles plain. I haven't had it in years and am looking for a good chicken or pork chow mein recipe - I have a couple from a basic web search. If you have one you like or can send me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Now on to the stir fry.

We had a chicken breast left from the chicken finger meal, some shrimp we’d thawed but hadn’t cooked yet, lots of steak in the freezer from the two rib eyes we’d bought on sale, and several vegetables in the frig - in our mind this means stir fry. This was a joint effort with Bev prepping the veggies and me prepping the meat and cooking. I cooked on the gas grill side burner to reduce the mess in the freshly cleaned kitchen. These are the veggies, ginger and garlic ready to go.

The meat ready to go - the shrimps were marinated in some teriyaki sauce.

Stir fry and egg scrambles are the two meals I can think of that I'm ok to proceed without a recipe. In addition to the meat and vegetables, we added some garlic, some ginger, some cornstarch dissolved in some chicken broth, some soy sauce and some rice wine vinegar (maybe a little too much this time), some salt and some pepper - note the word some, that's big for me. I don't have a table on the deck so I have items sitting around everywhere.

First up was the beef and chicken, cooked until almost done.

Removed them and added the onions, garlic, and ginger.

Then the peppers.

Then the remainder of the veggies and liquids.

Quickly followed by the meats and shrimp.

The final dish headed for the table.

Bev had cooked some white rice with carrots, peas, and garlic. Here's my dish - sorry it's a little blurry.

I thought it turned out real well and with the addition of a little srichacha, mine was excellent. No way I could replicate this meal, but the nice thing about stir fry is you use a wide variety of ingredients, have it be different everytime and it's still delicious.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments and improvement suggestions.



  1. I love your use of "counter space" in the 5th picture. I use the top of my charcoal grill like that when my Egg table is full.

    I don't have a good chow mein recipe for you. While my mother was a spectacular southern cook when I was growing up, anything outside of southern cooking was not in her bag of tricks back then. The chow mein we had back then was from a La Choy can. I've never tried it myself but now you've got me curious.

    Your stir fry looks very good. I'm so envious of your burner. I priced a drop in model at Lowes and was surprised by the cost. I think I might just get a turkey fryer burner and use one of those for an outside burner instead.

  2. A caution with the turkey frier burner is that mine won't go as low as I sometimes want to cook without a flame out - could just be an adjustment issue.


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