Monday, January 4, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie From Leftovers - As Usual

I put several posts in my queue during the holidays, so some of these are a little dated. If you follow my blog, you know we had chicken and dumplings for dinner last Monday night and while we ate all but a few dumplings, there was quite a bit of chicken and gravy remaining. One option would have been to just make more dumplings, but we decided to use it for a batch of pot pie instead – using the semi-homemade cooking style. Bev added some frozen veggies to the leftover gravy and heated through. We then poured the mixture into a casserole dish, topped with frozen biscuits and baked until they were golden brown. It turned really good, but I think it created more leftovers to deal with than we had to start. Here’s a pic of the whole dish and Bev’s bowl – I normally use my plate but I like to flip my biscuit upside down with the gravy on top and it doesn’t make as pretty a picture. My make it a little runny to have gravy to be soaked up by the biscuit.

I finally ate up the last of it Sat night for dinner.

It's a balmy 10 degrees to start the day here at Almost Heaven South - a great one.



  1. Yeah, I think the point of eating leftovers is to have less in the fridge, not more. You guys are doing an admirable job down there, though. Keep it up!

  2. Great use of leftovers, Larry. Heck, that looks like it was the original dish, not leftovers.


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