Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breakfast On A Bun

This post has been in the queue for a few days and covers two meals, but I think it still ok.

Bev got up, said she didn’t feel well, and went back to bed, so I knew I was on my own for breakfast today. I thought about it for a while and decided the number one criteria for the meal was utilizing one of her homemade burger buns and my first thought was a scrambled egg and sausage sandwich – but I was sure we had no sausage. So I went refrigerator diving and discovered a nice slice of ham left from a meal the other day, so it became a ham and fried egg sandwich with Cabot sharp cheddar and mayo. I tossed the ham in the skillet to warm up and in the same skillet I fried two eggs (they were small and it’s a big bun)– I broke the yokes so they would harden. Here they are before and after flipping.

The finished sandwich – have I said I like the meat to overhang the bread?

It was very good, but the addition of a little chopped onion would have made it outstanding – assuming of course you like onion. I’m not sure granddaughter Alex would have admitted it, but this was definitely better than McDonalds. Since it was the normal bread recipe, I knew the bun would taste good, but I liked that it held together much better than store bought – maybe Bev will make this a regular feature on bread day. I followed it up with a glass of homemade mater juice – best thing in the world to wash down big pills. You may know this, but I love breakfast food.

It's now a day later and I just decided to tack this on to the above. Bev feels better, but had to leave early to be with her mom who's in the hospital having some tests run. As a result, I'm alone for breakfast again and again thought in terms of scrambled eggs with some leftover port loin chopped up in them on another bun. When I dug in the frig to find the meat to what did my wondering eyes did appear but a bun sized piece of leftover smoked pizza fatty. I'd struck the mother lode and quickly stuck it in the mirco for a quick warm up. It was probably a little past it's expiration date, but I couldn't pass it up. Here's the result and boy was it good.

The title photo is Kitty, the resident mouser. She just came by for me to provide her morning head scratching. I just scratch and she moves her head around to the right place.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments and suggestions.



  1. I love breakfast sandwiches! Also mayo on a fried egg sandwich is just the ticket. I'm heading to the kitchen for breakfast, you've made me hungry!!!

  2. All I had was a peanut butter sandwich and a banana this morning. I'm hungry now...

  3. My husband would definitely give you a big "thumbs up" for both of these! I am a bagel or muffin person myself although I could just see that homemade burger bun lightly toasted with a pat of butter and blackberry jam! :)

  4. Breakfast is way better at your house than mine! Terrific finds in your fridge.

    Hope the kid in you gets the snow you like tomorrow. We should let all of East TN have a snow day tomorrow!

  5. Haha, my cats are the same way LOL.. they are an interesting animal aren't they? Woke up this morning with two of them snuggled up by me trying to get warm.

    Sammies looks yummy! I've been on a breakfast sandwich kick myself here lately - not near as interesting as yours though. WW English muffin, fried egg, warmed deli turkey breast, and Kraft American cheese. Thought it was pretty good till I saw yours!! ;)

  6. Larry, I would never have known that you loved breakfast so much... ha ha ... I love breakfast also---but we usually just eat cereal and banana. On Saturdays, George fixes the best omelets i've ever eaten. He makes me a veggie and cheese omelet and for him, he adds all kinds of meats.

    Hope you are ready for the BIG storm. I just hope we only get snow and not ICE.... Yipes!

  7. :::sniff::: I had my usual breakfast today. Rolled oats with cinnamon and a little sugar. My hubby makes it "to go" and I eat it at work. (which is actually very nice)
    But this breakfast looks like it would stick to your ribs!

  8. Love the bold close-up of your fatty sandwich! Looks delicious! Are you sure I can't move back in with you? ;)

  9. Now why couldn't I have tomorrow off like the kids do (thanks to the horrible blizzard coming, ha!) so I could make this?

  10. What a great way to start the day. These sound wonderful.


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