Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Always Helps To Put Things In Perspective

Every now and then it helps me to put things into perspective and I thought this article did a great job of it. It was in the Knoxville News Sentinel on Jan 5, and originally came from the St. Petersburg Times (Fl). It's about three screens long but it held my attention - which is hard to do. Just click on the Link to go to the original article.

We're having a heat wave, it's up to 25 today - almost went out and mowed the lawn.

Have a great one.



  1. A great article, I must agree. I, too, find myself guilty of whining about my circumstances which, while not of the $4 million variety, are still far better than so many in this nation and around the world and which are changeable with a little initiative on my part. It's important to remember just how good we have it when we have beds to sleep in, food to prepare when we get hungry, and heat to keep us warm in the sub-freezing temperatures. The rest is just gravy for which I am quite thankful.

  2. I hear your 25 degree complaint. But we were cheering because it got to 23 today. Compared to 14, it's almost not horrible. When we lived in Knoxville, it seemed to only be that cold from about Jan 10th to 20th or so, but, hey, we've been out of there a number of years so my memory could be clouded.

    As for your link, people involved with college and professional sports are just plain out of touch with reality. You have to work year round? Cry me a river. So do the rest of us, out here in the real world.

  3. What a world... Sad really, those that have so much and no social obligation


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