Our Four Legged Family

Our pets are members of our family and we bought the RV in large part so they could easily travel with us.

This is Sweetie Pie, AKA - Sweetie, Pie, Pie Girl.  She is an American Eskimo and 11 years old and while she may look like a dog, she is really a person in a canine body.

This is Coco, AKA – Coco Rita or Rita.  She is about 5 years old and is supposedly a Yorkie & Chihuahua mix and was Madison’s pet when she lived with us the first time – you know how that goes with inheriting kids pets.

The baby of the dogs is Bodie, who is Madison’s current pet.  He is an 18 month Maltese and has the best personality of any dog I’ve seen.  He is also known as Bodie Boy, Bobo, and Bodacious.

Finally we have Kitty and she is the working pet in the family as she is the resident mouser and is very good of it.  She showed up as a stray and we quickly adopted her.  All of them get along well and Kitty is Bodie's favorite playmate.

Pic coming

All of them live inside with us and Kitty has a pet door that allows her to come and go as she desires - you can't keep your hunter cooped up.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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