Monday, August 31, 2009

Major Break Through Revisited

NOW THAT'S A BURGER - I missed getting burger pics the other night, but as it turns out, we had some leftover meat that needed to be eaten, so we had them for lunch today, and I remembered the pic. It would have been more impressive to cut the burger in half first, but I don't like mine that way. Trust me, it was a dark pink inside. Just had salt, pepper, and a little McCormick steak seasoning on it - delicious. For those that are thinking - no wonder he's so big with lunches like that - you're right (big smile here).

Cucumber Seeds For Next Year

A friend provided me some seeds from a white cucumber, grown by her family for years in North Carolina for slicing and pickling - first time I’ve gotten my pickles to be crisp. I’ve had bad luck with my cuke crops lately and was down to my last few seeds so decided I needed to focus on seed production this year. I let my earliest cukes ripen so I could insure I got them before the typical plant calamity of recent years -I ended up with four. I harvested and let them sit around for a few weeks and when they were very soft, I scooped out the seeds and fermented each cuke separately for a week in a quart jar of water. I generally followed the guidelines from this site. After fermenting, I washed them well and here they are ready to go to the dehydrator – still separated by cuke, along with some Anaheim chili peppers.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Major Break Through

We had three 11 year olds (Alex and 2 friends) here for a weekend sleepover and decided to see if we could show them there are better burgers than fast food – our grand daughter’s favorite is a McDouble without cheese (two wafer thin, cooked to oblivion, taste less patties on a bun) - yuk. So after a day of playing on the lake to the point of nearly worn out, we grilled up some nice hand pattied burgers to medium, let them dress to their liking and gulped them down - that's why I have no pics to post. After they finished, they all agreed (even Alex) that these were better than McDonalds. This is part of our plan to restore our country's youth to the wonderous world of food that is actually good and healthier (not that burgers are). I'll do better with getting pics in the future, but here's one of Alex doing a sleep over type thing.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Practice Picture

Thanks to my daughter, I think I can get the pictures the right size. This is a postcard quality view out our condo window from a trip this spring to South Lake Tahoe. It snowed 3-4 FEET over a 2 day period.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Still Trying

Some pulled pork

Some BBQ

This time I'm trying to get the text on top. By the way, that was a softball in the last pic.

Just practicing pic posting again. This is from a few weeks ago.

This is post number 2 and I'll try to include a picture

My First Post

Well, I'm new to this blogging thing and this is my first - mostly to just see if I can do it. My next goal will be to learn to post pictures, then I'll worry about making the blog look cool