Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Burger Buns For Bread Day At Almost Heaven South

Beverly is the baker in the family – it scares me to think of even trying – and she bakes bread about once a week using a sourdough starter given to her by a friend. After just having burgers for dinner and seeing others do it on a couple of blogs, I suggested she make one loaf of bread into six burger buns. She did it by cutting the dough into six pieces, making a ball and hand shaping. I’d looked up a couple of recipes that suggested rolling out the dough and cutting them like biscuits.

I thought for first try hers turned out great. They did not have the consistent round shape cutting them out would have achieved and they were a little crustier than store bought, but I consider both of these signs they were homemade. Here’s a shot of Alex’s meal of burger and sautéed shrooms.

Bev pretty much just bakes loaf bread and occasionally rolls for special meals. After the bun success, I think I have her convinced to expand her horizons with round loafs, crusty Italian, French baguettes, etc. And the best part is I’ll have to test them all out. I also hope for the next bread day, we can make some pepperoni rolls, pistolettes ala Chez and rolls for baking eggs in.

The title photo is Sweetie, the alpha dog in the family.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments and suggestions.



  1. I'm with you, somewhat afraid to make bread. I've tried twice in the last six weeks and the results weren't too good. I'm not going to give up and I'm thinking about the sourdough starter route too.

  2. The burger rolls look wonderful. I hope she'll bake more so that we can see more :-). I just stopped by to say hello but stayed much longer than I intended. This is an interesting place. I'll be back often. I've become a follower.

  3. Our favorite homemade bread is sourdough also, Larry... BUT--I also love a good 9-grain bread.

    Your buns were probably heavenly!!!!! The sauteed mushrooms look great also.

    Sweetie looks like a Sweetie!!!

  4. Love the look of a homemade sourdough hamburger bun with a pile of sauteed mushrooms for dessert. :) I'm afraid that if I started with the sourdough thing, it would force me to eat more bread than I should . . . which is maybe not that bad.

  5. Scoop up some of those mushrooms, toss them on the burger and I'm in heaven, forget "almost heaven" ;)

    Great job, Bev!

  6. Thanks for all the comments and welcome Mary

  7. nothing more satisfying than baking your own buns


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