Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Authentic Mexican Posole

We had pulled pork left from our Loaded BBQ Pork Potato Casserole  and decided to turn it into Posole which we hadn’t made in a long time.  After looking around, I selected the recipe for Authentic Mexican Posole from Food.com because we had most of the ingredients on hand and it used canned chiles.  I changed the instructions quite a bit as I was starting with cooked meat but the original can be found by clicking on the above link.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Angel Biscuits For Happy Hour And Breakfast

Bev had made arrangements for the neighbors to join us for happy hour to try her first attempt at making Angel Biscuits, which we had known about for some time.  I assumed we would have biscuits with butter, jelly, and tomatoes but when I went into the kitchen to check on her, Bev was well into meat cooking.  She used the biscuit recipe from Southern Living Magazine and made it as written with a yield of 19 good sized (about 3”) biscuits.  What makes them different from other biscuits is that they contain yeast in addition to the normal baking powder/baking soda and the dough can be kept in the fridge for five days and used as needed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Loaded BBQ Pork Potato Casserole

I was planning to make stir-fry for our Friday get-together and when I saw this recipe for Loaded BBQ Pork Potato Casserole on Tricia’s “Mom On Timeout” blog, I wished I had some pulled pork in the freezer.  During our Thursday drive down to the Englewood Farmers Market, we passed an Englewood, TN BBQ restaurant that Bev said she had always wanted to try.  So on our way home, we pulled into Navarro’s Smokehouse full parking lot and decided it must be good so the stir-fry was out and the casserole was in.  After tasting the pulled pork, I knew why they were full.  

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Maryland Crab Cakes

Well, maybe not real Maryland crab cakes as Bev bought a couple cans of Chicken Of The Sea Crab Claw Meat on sale and we decided to turn one of them into crab cakes using our go-to recipe from the “Once Upon A Chef” blog.  I realize that the great crab cakes are made with lump and jumbo lump crab meat, but I just refuse to pay the very high prices for them ($36 for a pound for Chicken Of The Sea Lump at Walmart).

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Delicious Tomato Basil Pasta

We only had a few grape tomatoes but we had a bunch of small tomatoes from our garden and decided they should work in this recipe and we had a giant plant of fresh basil to use so we opted to make Chef Dennis’ Tomato Basil Pasta from his “Ask Chef Dennis” blog.  Since I prefer shaped pasta with chunky sauces, I used the box of penne we had on hand.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Bev’s Ride, A Couple Of Dishes, and My Owie

Before we retired, we bought a 1976 red Corvette that was to be Bev’s retirement car but it mostly just sat in the garage until we sold it a few years ago.  Now, she sure looks good in this 2004 Ferrari with 30,000 miles.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Mexican Johnny Cakes (Hoe Cakes) With Our Pinto Beans

In Sep 2022, I posted about our meal of Pinto Beans and Hoe Cakes but this meal is different in that we used our recipe for Mexican Cornbread for the cakes.  Johnny Cakes are made along the eastern seaboard from New England into the Caribbean Islands and are often called Hoe Cakes in the US South.  For this meal, I cut our Mexican cornbread recipe in half to get the one below.