Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sweetwater RV Rally, Day Two

The scheduled events for day two began with a visit to Tsali Notch Vineyards between Sweetwater and Madisonville, TN, where they grow nothing but muscadines.  According to Wikipedia “Vitis rotundifolia, or muscadine, is a grapevine species native to the southeastern and south-central United States. The growth range extends from Florida to New Jersey Coast, and west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma.”

Tsali grows six varieties, half bronze, or light, and half dark colored, which range in sweetness and nearly all are sold to wineries with just a small percentage made into wine for their own tasting room, all are made by other wineries but using Tsali”s recipes.

The vineyard manager gave us an explanation of the farming process and the muscadines themselves. 

Then we went on a little tour which included a stop at the harvester and discussion of the picking process.  With the machine, they can pick the entire 30 acres of vines in about nine days vs. many months of picking in the old days.

Following the tour, there was a tasting, where we tasted five different wines and a red juice and all were very good as evidenced by our case purchase.

And finally, our Subway picnic lunch under the shade trees with a nice breeze on a hot day.

That evening, we held our annual business meeting followed by a cookout where everyone grilled their own meat sided with baked potatoes and salad.

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09/20/22 event date

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Finally, An RV Trip and Rally, Day One

Our last RV trip was in May to Pineola, North Carolina for a club rally then we cancelled our western trip for the third year in a row and this time due to the extremely high cost of diesel – this actually was good as it allowed me to have my toe surgery.  So, the poor, lonely coach has just been sitting out in the driveway all summer wishing we would take it somewhere.

Our RV club (Tennessee Travelers) has held rallies as close to us as Vonore, TN and as far away as Pensacola, FL and as the host for our Sep. event I decided to stay close again and go to the KOA in Sweetwater, TN as the area actually has several things to do and almost none of which I had done.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Alabama Scramble – Different Version

This summer, we made Alabama Scramble a time or two using our normal method of cooking everything in a skillet but since we had oil in our deep frying pan, we opted to change it up some.  We recently had deep fried okra and green tomatoes and realized they needed more seasoning than just S&P at the end so I’ve attempted to correct that.  The following recipe feeds 3-4 people eating only this.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pinto Beans, Hoe Cakes, and Birthday Meals

This post is primarily to get our pinto bean recipe documented on my blog. For our pinto beans, we’ve always just added stuff to taste so they rarely taste the same and some are better than others so this time, I tried to make a good batch and document the recipe.  I looked around the web to see what ingredients were used by others and came up with the following recipe.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

Cindy wanted to make this dish and we agreed it would work well for our Friday get together.  She got the recipe for Chicken Shepherd’s Pie from The Kitchen Girl blog and followed it except she increased the ingredients by 50% (shown below) and used corn starch rather than flour for gluten-free. 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Six Weeks Visit To The Foot Doctor & Summer Meal

It has been six weeks since the surgery to straighten my toes and it was time for a visit to the doctor.  You may recall I spent the first two weeks with a splint and the past four weeks with my “Go Big Orange” cast.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Bacon Ranch Baked Cheddar Chicken

The Eliza crowd came down again this past weekend and I wanted to fix something simple for supper and I wanted a one-dish meal.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a baked Kevin dish and the recipe for Bacon Ranch Baked Cheddar Chicken from his “Closet Cooking” blog looked perfect for this meal.  Since I was using more chicken than him, I scaled up his recipe to get the one below but his original can be found by clicking on the above link.