Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glad It Wasn’t Snow

I’ve posted several times that the kid in me likes the occasional nice 6” snow but I’m sure glad it’s been warm for the past week. According to my rain gauge, we’ve had 4 ½ inches, which could have been about 4 feet of snow. Since a 6” snow shuts everything down around here, you can imagine what snowfall measured in feet does.

Remember earlier this month, I posted this picture of my lake cove frozen over – it was also at winter pool, which is six feet below summer pool.

Here’s the same shot taken late morning on Jan 25 and the water has risen about four feet and came up another foot after I took this shot.

I'm glad we live on top of a little hill and don't have to worry about flooding, unless we see an ark floating by. I believe all of the regions drought starved lakes of a couple of years ago should be more than full by now. How do you like the appealing color of the water - it may be even browner than the photo shows. Before the days of flood control dams that slowed down the river flow, some of this silt may have eventually contributed to the continued area growth of Lousiana. I can only imagine what the flooding would have been like had the lakes not been there to store all this water.

The title photo is Kitty (clever name huh?) the resident mouser. While commenting on a blog yesterday, I had to toss my compter aside and race to rescue a Tufted Titmouse she had brought in - pet doors allow her outside access. I'm sure it's quite a show to watch, since I can't catch the loose bird, but have to let Kitty catch it then get it from here before too much damage is done. In this case, the plan worked great and the bird flew off as soon as I opened my hands. It's hard to believe such a docile looking creature could be such an effective killer.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments and suggestions.



  1. Good morning!

    Ah yes, gotta love river water. This gal is very accustomed to that color after spending more than a few days of my youth rope swinging and yeah, actually swimming in the muddy waters of the Tchoutacabouffa (sometimes at the peril of my high school classes where I was actually supposed to be). Okay. They may not have been quite as muddy as that shallow section you're showing.

    I don't know... Kitty looks a bit mischievous to me! :) Being the mommy of 3 felines myself, that innocent grin doesn't fool me one second!! ;)

    Have a great day!

  2. Great photo of the cat! We don't have Titmice..titmouses?? In Denver. The southern part of the state have Juniper Titmouse which looks alot like your Tufted. I bet that little Titmouse will never forget that ordeal and hopefully tell all his friends. Beautiful photos of your lake.

  3. Hi Larry, I wondered how much rain you got --since we had tons of flooding up here on Sunday. Now they are saying we are going to get rain/ice/snow on Friday... In other words, they don't have a clue!!! ha

    Your precious kitty would not be welcome here. Since I have tons of backyard birds, I don't think too highly of neighborhood cats. BUT--yours is a cutie!!!

  4. We've had some rain too, and some warmer weather which has been wonderful! Now, starting tommorrow, we're supposed to get a winter storm coming through- I just can't bear the thought!I hope the weatherman misses and we DON'T get the 6-12 inches of sleet and snow!
    I think your kitty looks so innocent and cute- surely she wouldn't hurt a fly. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone.
    Betsy - The bells are to help give the birds a better chance as we feed them as well.

  6. We've had rain? I hadn't noticed, I was busy making gopher wood beams and trying to figure out what exactly a "cubit" is.

    Kitty looks quite content!

  7. Love the photos and the sassy cat header. She sure has a cute grin!


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