I’m a 65+ year old guy who is married to his soul mate, Bev – age a secret, and we are both retired from Alcoa and enjoying our travel through the golden age of our lives.  We’ve been retired for several years and have always enjoyed entertaining our friends, doing a little flower and vegetable gardening, traveling some, taking pontoon boat rides on Tellico Lake, BBQing, and doing a little basic cooking - not much too fancy around here.

In the past few years our lives have changed quite a bit, beginning with the purchase of an RV three years ago and committing to travel more.  As a result, we are not gardening much and spending less time on the lake at Almost Heaven South but still cooking and BBQing.  

The other big change was our 16 year old granddaughter coming to live with us in late 2012 – talk about a change.  So now, I generally travel with three females – wife, granddaughter, and SIL who decided she’d like to travel with us - my main role is that of driver and travel agent.  Oh, and there are four dogs with us as well.  We are really enjoying the RVing experience, especially the people we meet and only wish we’d started 10 years sooner.

While we enjoy the travels, we still like our house on the lake and going home to it.  We built it before we retired with the plan to spend the rest of our lives there and that continues to be the our goal – even a big RV gets close with four people in it for a couple of months.

While there are many types of blogs out there, this one continues to be a journal of our lives (hopefully our grand kids will read it someday), and will include some cooking, some restaurants, some travel, and some other stuff.  I really appreciate those of you who will spend you valuable time to read my ramblings and l always enjoy your comments.


  1. Wishing my cousin Beverly a happy birthday today. I called my Mother and wished her a happy birthday earlier.


  2. Tell Beverly that her cousin Bill and his wife are looking to move back to east Tennessee in 2018. We have our house in New Mexico under contract to sell now and will be living in our fifth wheel until we are ready to stop working and start traveling.


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