Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shrimp Po Boy

As you may recall from recent posts ( unless your CRS is really bad :-), I brought back some Central Grocery Olive Salad from our trip to Nawlins and I thought I’d impress our visiting son, Rhett, by offering him a muffuletta. When I asked if he liked them, he said they were ok, but for food from that area he’d much rather have a shrimp po boy. Well, it just so happened, we had the stuff on hand for them and since he was planning to eat lunch prior to heading back home, we decided to fix him up.

We used some 16 count farm raised shrimp we had in the freezer and some of the shrimp we brought back from Nawlins – couldn’t pass up the taste test opportunity. We used our normal beer batter, but added some Slap Ya Mama with the Old Bay, then rolled in Panko and deep-fried at 365*. The batter recipe was:

1 cup Flour, self rising
¾ can Beer - add slowly to desired consistency
1 ea Egg
1 tsp Old Bay
1 tsp Slap Ya Mama (subbed it for the salt)

We all agreed some powdered cayenne would have made them better.

I used some smaller loaves of French bread and didn’t cut it clear through – to help keep the shrimp on the sandwich -and dressed it with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

We all thought they were very good and I learned a couple of things. First, with all the spices and breading, I was surprised not to be able to tell a difference between the wild caught and farm raised shrimp – I’ll need to try some boiled next. Secondly, next time, I’ll scoop out some of the bread on each side to make a pocket to hold everything and reduce the amount of bread. Here’s my plate, which included some leftover fried corn and M&C, and I couldn’t finish it.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



  1. I'm with your son. There's something about a po boy that just screams down home cooking. Maybe it's the shrimp batter. That stuff is just tasty.

  2. It's nice fixing a meal requested by my kids - especially when it turns out well! This looks pretty tasty, Larry.

  3. Po Boys remind me of my days in Nawlins.... I used to love Oyster Po Boys.... Haven't had one that good since. There's just something very special about the food in Nawlins!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I'd be hard pressed to pick between a mufaletta or these wonderful looking shrimp po boys. I have got to get me some of that slap yo mama sauce. Will probably have to order it online. That shrimp must have been so superior to be able to tell the difference with all that seasoning/flour on it.

  5. Love it, love it and love it again.
    Let us know about the taste difference if you boil wild vs. farm raised shrimp.

  6. Larry it looks and sounds so wonderful! I'm always on the lookout for shrimp crop was pretty decent this year. :)

  7. It's been entirely too long since I've had a po' boy.

  8. Larry, Now THAT IS a Sandwich... With the Mac & Cheese and Fried Corn, what's not to like! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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