Monday, October 18, 2010

Marco Island on Saturday

Since we’ve only stayed here for one week in the past, always arriving after dark on Saturday and leaving early the next Saturday, this is the first time we’ve spent this day here. With most people coming and going as we’ve done, I didn’t realize how dead it could be around here in the morning until new folks began arriving. Here’s a shot of the pool area with Bev and Pat and the lower left corner.

While they sunned, I blogged and sipped my morning Bloody Mary. There may be as many recipes for a Bloody Mary as there are people who drink them and when home I add some celery salt, horseradish, and olives to mine, but I always begin with a pre-made Bloody Mary mix. When on vacation I just settle for the basics, which for me are still very tasty. First make a mix of 50/50 Mrs. T’s mix and Clamato juice. For the drink, add ice to a tall glass, then vodka and Tabasco to suit your taste, squeeze in a wedge of lemon, fill with the juice mix, stir and enjoy.  It's also pretty tasty without the vodka.

I was sitting her minding my own business when I got a request from the ladies to run across the street for fish sandwiches. So I phoned in an order for three grouper sandwiches, picked them up, and we ate them poolside under the shade of some palm trees. This is a rough life for them, but as you know, I take good care of my women (the truth is, my woman takes exceptionally good care of me).

One thing I learned today is that laying around watching college football is pretty much the same here as at home, except for the ocean breeze blowing thru the condo and the fact that when I look away from the TV, I look out on the beach and the water.

We'd discussed several go-out and stay at home dinner options and finally settled on quick and easy - pulled pork BBQ.  Just a slice of bread, some Big Dude's Que and store bought slaw, but the delicious pork even made the slaw taste good.

I posted this out of order because it didn't make sense to post about Saturday the end of this week, but tune in the next three days for tours of Marco and the Everglades. 

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. What a beautiful place you are visiting - I love the shot of the pool. The bbq sandwich with the slaw looks AMAZING.

  2. Gotta love the beach! Wow, y'all really had the place to yourselves didn't you? My favorite part of staying in a beachfront condo, is leaving the door or window open and falling asleep to the sound of the waves and then waking up to the sounds of the seagulls.

  3. Looking forward to the tours! Glad it's been a good week.

  4. It's pretty cool to eat grouper sandwiches pool side and drink Bloody Mary's with an ocean breeze. Looking forward to more vacation stories.

  5. My favorite Bloody Mary? One served with a vacation breakfast! :)


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