Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corn Chowder Ala Lea Ann - Sorta

We are still getting a little late fresh corn from the guys along the road and we had six ears to cook when up pops Southwestern Corn Chowder from Lea Ann over at Mangos, Chili and Z – check out her blog for the recipe and a great picture.

I read regularly where folks post a recipe and it says "adapted from ..." – this is a real example of this concept, although not by design.  We ended up with 4 cups of corn so decided to make a double recipe.  We had 4 cups of rich turkey broth to which we added 2 cups of water for the needed 6 cups.  We had no fresh chiles and as it turns out only 2 small cans of diced green chiles, so I supplemented with some fresh bell and and a couple of jalapeno peppers - put them in the pot at the same time as the onion and celery.  We had no fresh thyme so I used 1/3 the amount of dried.  Other than these few minor alterations, I followed the recipe :-).

After ladling into the bowl, we decided it needed to be creamier and added another dollop of sour cream.  One of the learning’s is that the final flavor is very much affected by the green onion and, especially, the cilantro garnish and these can be used to alter the flavor quite a bit.  Here’s a shot but Lea Ann’s is much better.

In summary, Bev and I thought it was delicious and we were glad we made a double recipe - I ate two bowls.  I didn’t blend it a lot, per the recipe, and liked the mild crunchiness this provided.  If our bastardized version was this good, I can only imagine how good Lea Ann’s original was.  Thanks for the recipe L.A.

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  1. Yay, I'm so glad you liked my little version of corn chowder! If I remember right, I do believe I added extra sour cream than what I started out with. Must make a note of that. I'm not sure the Hatch chiles were the star of the soup. Just adds color and a southwestern edge. Next time I'd like to try it with a slightly hotter pepper.

  2. With the jalapeno and the red pepper flakes, ours had a good bite to it.

  3. I'm taking notes on the field test of this recipe! LeaAnn introduced me to to corn chowder and I love it.

  4. We love a good chowder Larry. I can only imagine how good it must have been with the addition of corn.

  5. I would love the corn chowder--without too much of the spicey stuff of course (knowing me)... I just love fresh corn either ON or OFF the cob.... YUM!!!!! Sounds GREAT.

    Have a great Sunday.

  6. Interesting blog u have here . Love all ur recipes.

  7. But when you "go off the road map" like that is often when you make the best dishes ever! (Only, you can't replicate it later when you forget what you did, ha ha)

    Great looking corn chowder. I want to give it a shot the next cool snap we get. Right now, the weather is just to darn nice!

  8. Yum, this looks like one fantastic recipe for corn chowder. Roasted chilis and fresh corn are still available at the farmers market and they are on my shopping list for Saturday.

  9. Corn chowder is on my to-do list and this sounds wonderful Larry. Hopefully by the time I get through with the traveling the weather will have settled for some soup! We had some beautiful cool weather but the snap passed and looks like it's back to warm temps again for a bit.

    Looks like you haven't slowed down a bit with your cooking while I've been road runnin'! Lots to catch up on - some really good looking ribs, shrimp po'boys, muffuletta omelets, all of which looks great. And boy don't I get that CRS :) Have a great week!


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