Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Grown Shiitake Mushrooms - 2nd Harvest

It seems as though these fellers only come on when we’re out of town and, therefore, get pretty big. When I checked my inoculated logs  the day after returning from Marco, this is what I found - a few shiitakes.

And here they are on a paper plate.

So what do I do them you asked - remember the Skillet Scramble I had at Hoot's in Marco.  I diced and boiled up some potatoes the night before - did extras for other meals.  For this meal, I sauteed the boiled potatoes and shiitakes along with some onion, sweet pepper and jalapeno pepper from the garden, and some garlic and smoked bologna - I'm cleaning out the fridge. 

I warmed the dish in the toaster oven set on warm then kept the veggies warmed while I cooked the eggs.

I didn't make hollandaise but opted to use my egg yolks and some Tabasco Jalapeno as the sauce and topped with some finely diced Asiago cheese - all of the usual cheeses were still in Marco with Bev and I hadn't been to the store yet.
After breakfast, I went ahead and lightly sauteed all of the mushrooms in olive oil to ready them for other dishes and prevent their drying out. 

One thing I learned is much more oil is required and they don't give up near the water as do button mushrooms.

I had a first yesterday morning when I went to get the paper - it ran late today and was full daylight when I headed for the mailbox.  When I walked out onto the front porch, I heard this ususal animal noise and looked up to see two deer scampering from the yard toward the woods.  While we see them frequently and Bev had just reported seeing three along our little lane the previous evening, this is the first time I'd seen them in the yard and it was right beside the garden.  I hope this is not going to lead to a deer problem for next years garden or for our many shrubs - although I wouldn't mind them pruning the azaleas just a little, if they knew where to quit.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I can't believe how big those mushrooms are! Great looking breakfast Larry!

  2. What a fun project - growing your own. I really should do this. Ugh - deer in the garden are such a nuisance. I've noticed that they get pretty forward at the end of the season when they're fattening up for winter.

  3. I have another blog friend who grows their own mushrooms.... Yours look delicious, Larry....

    I enjoyed reading about your Florida trip.

  4. Your skillet breakfasts always make my mouth water, Larry. I would love to sit down to this version.

  5. I want to do this!! Where did you get your logs from??

  6. Those things are HUGE! I bet they would make a great sauce for a pan seared steak.

    Not that you and I are likely to pan sear a steak, ha ha.


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