Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marco Day 2 Supper

A while back, Bev had bought some jumbo shrimp and butt end beef filets for the freezer when she caught them on sale and we brought some to Florida with us. The resort doesn’t have a restaurant, but it does have a large gas grill available to the guests. While here, we always have to do this at least once and since Bev likes to sit on the deck at home and sip a glass of wine while I grill, she loves doing it here sitting by the pool - Bev on left, sister Pat on right.

This is the cook area - the girls are sitting just to the left in the second shot.  I could get used to cooking in a place like this - it's in the poolside cabana in yesterdays pool shot .

 I sliced three steaks off the filet and we thawed out a few shrimp for each of us. We didn’t bring many seasonings so the steaks just got Tiger Seasoning, salt, pepper, and olive oil. I dunked the shrimp in a mix of melted butter, lemon juice, garlic, and salt and pepper and added more while they cooked. Bev wanted some grilled onions and peppers (which we brought with us) as a side dish so she tossed the veggies in a mix of olive oil, garlic, and S&P. Then we discovered the brussel sprouts we’d brought from home and decided to grill them up while we were at it. They were parboiled then given the same treatment as the shrimp for grilling.

This grill doesn't work very well as all of the flame is yellow which blackens the food without actually caramelizing it (note the onions & shrimp) and it can't be adjusted to a low heat without flame out.  I guess I did ok all things considered.  Here's my plate.

My meats turned out good, but, as hard as I try, I'm just not a grilled veggie fan.  Bobby Flay makes them look so good on TV and mine can look really good, but I like them sauteed or cooked in a moist environment.  I'd rather put them in a foil pouch with herbs and spices and toss on the grill to be steamed.  As it turned out, Bev loved hers and this was her menu, so that was good.
I just looked at the recipes I've saved from you all and find I have 377 - wow.  Since I have more than a years worth and can't stop myself from saving them, my only salvation is to ask you to quit posting new recipes until I ge all of these tried - thanks in advance for your cooperation with this serious issue.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Larry,
    What a cool grilling area they provide. I could easily get used to that. I'm with you on the grilled vegetables, even though they do awfully good grilled.

    If you want us to stop posting recipes so you can catch up, you know you'll have to stop too. Double dare ya......ha, ha, ha.

    Hugs to Bev,

  2. I'd say that's a pretty fancy grilling area. I too need a bookmarking intervention!

  3. Beautiful place to make dinner - I'll bet it was delicious in spite of the issues with the fire. LOL - I thought I was bad before I started reading blogs. It's hopeless now, so I just try to re-read the titles here and there to remember what I'm "sitting on."

  4. 377 is a lot of saved recipes! Looking forward to seeing you post them all.

    The whole meal looks fantastic. I am with your wife, I love grilled veggies.

  5. What. A. Great. Place. To. Cook. Awesome!
    You did that Kitchen proud Larry.

  6. Larry, it looks like you guys are having a great time and at a wonderful spot. The foods not too bad either. ;)

    We do the same as you and Bev when we travel: take some meals with us and really enjoy cooking at the timeshares.

    Marco Island is a place we always wanted to go but could never trade into it. You must have taken all the time. Enjoy the rest of your stay and pop a couple oysters for me, will ya?

  7. That is one heck of an outdoor kitchen. The condo we go to only has two standard park grills and they reek of lighter fluid so I haven't used them.

    You know how to eat on vacation.


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