Saturday, October 30, 2010

Venison Sausage Scramble & Fall Color Is Arriving At Almost Heaven South

I continue to work on arranging and cleaning out the freezer and came upon a chub of smoked venison/beef sausage, so I put it in the fridge to thaw. Over the past ten days, I’ve had venison 4 times – the breakfast sandwich I’d posted about on Oct. 27, and two breakfast meals made from the hot deer sausage, home fries, shiitakes, other things, and eggs. I didn’t post them as they were picture-less, but they were all delicious.

Back to today’s meal. I diced up some of the sausage, onion, green pepper, and jalapeno and sautéed them in a little olive oil.

I then added beaten eggs and made my usual scramble. Served it up with some Naan bread cheese toast.

Both the scramble and the bread were outstanding.

Due to the roads being packed throughout the eastern mountains this time of year, it’s obvious many of us appreciate nature’s colorful show. Unfortunately the woods around us are heavily laden with oaks, hickory’s and poplars, with only a few maples dotted in, so we don’t get the vibrant reds like some places. We do have a few colorful plants around that have been planted and some of their leaves are finally turning.

The burning bushes and nandinas are starting to show out.

This is from our drive toward the maples across the road and as can be seen, my Japanese maples, on the left, haven’t turned yet and the crab apple on the right has already lost it’s leaves.

While they may be viewed in a negative light to rose purists, we are grateful to William Radler, a Wisconsin botanist, who developed the Knockout rose. Bev has tried for years, but has been unsuccessful, at growing nice roses. Once the Knockouts begin blooming, they continue all summer and obviously into the fall, and we don’t have to fight Black Spot Fungus all summer. Here is one of several with some dogwoods showing a nice red in the background.

In general, more trees seem to be loosing their leaves early and not providing a lot of color – I believe the dry conditions are continuing to affect them.  Here's a shot across the lake just up the road from here - note it's basically browns and yellows.

The frost is on the pumpkin for the first time this morning at Almost Heaven South.
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  1. well I'm glad to see at least one of us is making an attempt to use up the ingredients in our freezer. The scramble sounds so tasty!

  2. Tell Bev we love our knockout roses too. They are just soooo easy compared to regular roses. When it comes to gardening, I like easy and low maintenance.

    Good for you for cleaning our your freezer. I get pressure all of the time to do the same thing.

  3. Meal looks great. I am on a quest to to dive into my pantry and freezer to put meals together. There are so enjoyable meals waiting for me, if I just get in there and dig the ingredients out.

    Fall is a beautiful time where you live. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alexis and I were thinking of going for a drive this weekend to leaf peep but like you, I was noticing the less than dramatic change this year.

  5. That venison scrambles looks wonderful and love your cheese topped naan idea. Aren't burning bushes spectacular? Every year I can't get over their color. We had a big wind a few days ago, a few leaves are hanging on, but lots of bare trees around here.

  6. I love venison sausage! The fall here has been spectacular, but last years we had a freak hard-freeze in October, so there was no fall color. We deserved a good one this year. :)

  7. Larry, that knockout rose is a knockout especially if you don't have to fight it. We fight black spot because of our wet falls and winter, and if summers are extremely hot and dry, then "rust" comes along. Those roses that have given us problems are gradually going to rose heaven.

    Love the scramble, and wouldn't you know we are doing inventory in our freezers. ;)

    PS: beautiful photo and color across the lake


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