Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marco - The Everglades

'The rain has moved on and today was a perfect day here – sunny, high 60’s to start the day and mid 80’s for a high. Since we didn’t make it to Key West, we decided on a little trip over into the Everglades, with a stop off at Hoot’s for brunch. This time I had corned beef hash and my girls had a reuben and a burger (Bev needed her fix). Here’s mine – hash served with hash browns was a definite first.

We saw so much on the trip and I took lots of shots so I’ll have to make two posts to cover it. I’d planned to drive about half way over to Miami and take a back-country road, but discovered it was closed, so we stayed on US-41 and took some scenery and bird shots.

Bev kept saying let’s go a little farther and fortunately, we just ran into the visitors center for the Big Cypress National Preserve. We first walked along their boardwalk and took these shots – the fish are Florida gars and the alligators are free to come and go from the pond.  I didn't realize the gators were black - these are in the 6'-8' range.

As non Florida bird watchers, the only one we could name was the white egrets and they were everywhere.

After walking the boardwalk, we went inside the visitors center and got lot’s of good info from the young lady ranger. So I’ll end the tour here and pick it up with a second post tomorrow.

As an aside, I really enjoyed the ocean breezes through the Florida condo, but now that I'm home the little breeze through the opened up house on a 75* day is awfully nice as well.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Thanks for the vacation through the pics!

  2. Love all the shots of the gators!

    I went to the everglades about 25 years ago and I remember having to deal with a plethora of hungry skeeters. I was amazed at the places I had to put Deet. :D

  3. Looks like you are having a lovely (and tasty) trip. Enjoy!

  4. Your corned beef hash looks great, and I like your critter pictures. I am not crazy about the gators, however; I'd want to be in a safe enclosure if they're around.

  5. In the tree with the big dark beaks, Wood Storks
    Tall, white, standing around, Great White Egret
    The black bird, Anhinga
    and the gators EEEEK!

    Man does that hash look good. They sure got those eggs perfect looking.

  6. And on 2nd look at that first photo, those might be Roseatte Spoonbills. Are they pink?

  7. Love that area and wish I was there now. Your photos are excellent! That hash dish looks great with the extra added attraction of the hash browns. All the more to love. Enjoy your warm weather, it's in the low 50's here now.

  8. A 6-8" gator - watch out! Love your vacation pics Larry.

  9. Great vacation pictures....I didn't know that gators were black either.

  10. Wow, from looking at your pictures I almost miss Florida, ha ha. I'm glad you managed to stay away from the business end of that gator!


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