Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pasta With Leftover Mornay Sauce

We had about a quart of mornay sauce left from our Kentucky Hot Browns, while in WV, and after dipping into it for another dish, we still had enough remaining for a pasta dish. To kick up the sauce flavor, I sautéed some delicious Benton's country ham and garlic in a little olive oil, then added the peas since they were still a little frozen.

We still have tomatoes we need to eat and I used them and the peas for color and more flavors. I slowly reheated the sauce in a pan and added it to the sauteed mix along with the tomatoes for a quick heat up.

I then tossed with some penne, plated and added a little chopped green onion, red pepper flakes, and fresh grated romano, and I sided it with a second helping - smaller of course.  It was a delicious way to finish off the sauce and the only thing I'd do different is use more ham.

When we had the Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches in WV, we all agreed that some onion would make them better and I liked the onion on this dish and would recommend it for the hot browns.

And for the evening meal.  Since I now understand that requirements for a sandwich being a muffuletta are olive salad AND round muff bread, I'll call this an Italian meat and cheese, with olive salad, on a French baguette sandwich.  The olive salad was from Central Grogery, obtained during our trip to New Orleans.  When I was at the market, I couldn't remember the meat/ cheese ingredients, so I bought mortadella, baked ham, hard salami and provolone cheese.  Since we're trying to eat our big meal earlier in the day, it was just a small sandwich for supper - it's only about 4" long and 2" wide.

I can't exactly remember the taste of a Central Grogery muffuletta, but I know it wasn't any better than this - the olive salad didn't get clear to the edge, but it provided plenty of flavor.  It was a day of good eats at Almost Heaven South.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



  1. I love just throwing leftovers into never fails to make for an awesome meal.

  2. I did attempt a mufaletta sandwich once by making the olive relish by hand. I ended up buying a bottle for my next attempt and was satisfied with the flavor. I sure wish I had Central Grocery brand. I think any combo of meat is good on these, but pretty sure hard salami and mortadella are a "must". Love that pasta combo.

  3. That's a delicious looking pasta dish, Larry! You did have a day of great eats.

  4. Both the sandwich and the pasta dish look great, Larry...

    Sounds like you had a great time in W VA.

  5. I've done pasta like that, sometimes including a can of shredded crabmeat or clams if the mood moves me. My beloved whines about the peas, and I tell him he'd better eat them because the dog won't!

  6. Larry, that pasta dish sounds and looks wonderful! Do you think a little of that mornay wold be good over some buckwheat cakes? lol

    PS: Is Sestito's still in operation in Fairmont?
    PSS: When we were in Mtown, hubby Pete and I were talking about pepperoni rolls and we couldn't think Colasessanos. Guess what? They are opening a site in Mtown near I-68 at Pierpont.

  7. That pasta dish sounds delicious and filling. Mornay is useful in so many dishes, you are proving that!

  8. Larry, The pasta looks and sounds great! My kind of dish...with Tabasco of course. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Now this is what I'm talking about. You could have entered this beauty into my contest last month. It looks outstanding. You go.

  10. Made this today for lunch. Who in the south is ever without country ham and garden peas on hand.


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