Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marco - A Little Hurricane Impact

One of the planned highlights for this Florida trip was to be a couple of days in Key West, where we’d never been, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. We were going to go down Wednesday and come back Friday but decided to wait a day to see what impact Paula would have. In the meantime, they were getting rain and while it looked like the Keys would not take a direct hit, it was predicted be very rainy. Since we come down here each year and didn’t want to risk spending our time in the Keys in the rain, we aborted – oh well. Fortunately there are a few other things we’d like to do.

Bev, who walks further than Pat and I, came in and said she was running late because she’d stopped to watch the dolphins feed and both them and their prey were jumping out of the water. The dolphins can be seen several times a day cruising past the beach about 50 yards off shore, but this is only the second time any of us have seen them feeding. Marco has a big wide beach and looked like this this morning - lots more is exposed at low tide.

Then the sun came out and things looked a little better.  This resort is not at all fancy especially for Marco, but the grounds are beautifully maintained and include this pretty little flowering shrub.

But upon closer inspection, I would not want to fall into them.

After the sun came out, the beach looked more inviting.  These umbrellas and a small fleet of sailing catamarans are for resort guests.

The resort has two buildings with one out near the beach and the other with the pool between it and the beach.  We prefer the latter as we can watch the goings on both places.  Here's a shot from the beach.

I'd taken some shots down from our balcony, so here are some from ground level of the little pond and back across the pool to the building we're in - we're on the 4th floor, 2nd from left.  Bev and Pat are in the chairs in front of the tallest palm tree in the center of the shot.

Meals today were real easy – breakfast was our leftovers from yesterdays visit to Hoot’s, lunch was sandwich and chips provided by the resort for a fashion show and supper was some reheated ribs we brought with us sided with some taters, peppers, & onions, and a salad - no one was motivated to go out.  I reheated the ribs by adding some water and putting them on the grill over medium heat for 30 minutes.  I then removed them from the foil, added some sauce to each side and cooked each side for a couple of minutes to set the sauce.  They were just the way Bev and Pat like them - falling off the bone tender.

We ate on the balcony to this view.

And if we had eaten dessert, it would have been while looking at this sky.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Beautiful sunsets. My folks live on Longboat Key which is just North of Sarasota. We love to watch the sunsets over the gulf. if the conditions are right and you pay attention, just as the sun goes under there is a flash of light. I don't know what causes it but it sure is neat.

  2. Beatiful sunset captures, Larry! Glad you had other options besides dealing with hurricanes.

  3. Beautiful sunsets, Larry. It looks like you have the beach all to yourselves.

  4. Florida has such spectacular sunsets! If you get down to Key West, they have a great little restaurant called Burger King. The only time I've been down there I was with a birdwatching group and we were getting ready to board to head over to the Tortugas. The leader insisted we all eat at Burger King that night to get our orders for the trip. How do you think that went over with me? But I didn't complain. :-/

  5. Larry, Too bad about having to cancel the trip to Key West. I think that you and Bev would have enjoyed it. The place is still a bit 'quirky'...both interesting and fun! Lot's to blog about too...
    Maybe next year! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. OK Larry. We would have loved for you to be our token boy but you are totally too far away. Your misfortune. LOL. Sam said she and Meakin had a great time at your place this summer. David and I would love to come if and when you do it again. You and Bev are special people. Maybe we can do something at Lake lure one year. Enjoy your time in Florida!

  7. Sorry you didn't get to go to Key West---but looks like you had a wonderful time at Marco.

    Beautiful sunset...


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