Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hodgepodge From The Marco Condo Balcony On Day 3

When we come to Florida, the girl’s favorite thing to do is sit around the pool, read novels, and go for the occasional cool dip in the pool. Since I usually have had my fill of the sun by this time of year, I prefer sitting on the balcony is the shade and breeze to do my reading. The condos and hotels are pretty much all located on the west side of Marco Island and ours is nearly at the southern end. I’ve posted some shots straight out from the condo and here is one looking up the beach – the jut of land you see is about a mile away.

And here's a shot down on the little pond next to the pool.

I was sitting in my usual chair, reading, and sipping a Bloody Mary when this fella landed on the table beside my knee and of course the camera was somewhere else. I eased out of the chair, sure he’d bolt, and slipped inside to get it. When I returned, he was still there and posed for this shot, where I had the camera really close to him, and as I sat back down off he flew.

This was by far the largest dragon fly I’d ever seen – the table top is about an inch and a quarter thick to put it in perspective.

My reading for the day was “Smoke & Spice”, a BBQ book by Cheryl and Bill Jamison and I came across this quote “Real barbecue is bragging food. Maybe it’s the great smoky flavor or maybe it’s the adulation of the eaters, but somehow all pitmasters develop into natural boasters, cocky enough to milk a bull. They learn to tell tall tales, wear old clothes, act in wacky ways, and otherwise promote their aura as magicians of meat.”  Glad I haven't turned into that :-).

Then I read this in the paper:

“The McRib Going National In November?

The internet is abuzz today after a Wall Street Journal article revealed that McDonald’s elusive, and quite possibly magical, McRib sandwich will be available nationwide for the first time in 16 years starting Nov. 2. If anything can get me excited for a trip to McDonald’s, it’s the combination of tangy BBQ sauce, onions, pickles and a nondescript, amorphous protein.”

I can hardly wait. I guess I’m just becoming cynical in my old age, but I agree with the last three words.

Since I'm getting no help with my recipe saving addiction (LOL) - I added three more yesterday - guess I'll just have to cook them faster.

And finally, we are here just a couple of weeks before election day and I can only imagine how much money is being spent on political ads - hardly any room for the normal stuff.  I'll say one thing for the Florida politicans, they have taken mud slinging to a level I've never before seen.

That's all from Florida for today, thanks for stopping by.


  1. This looks like a beautiful warm sunny place to hang. I could love a few days of that. Nice capture of the dragonfly!

  2. Sipping a Bloody Mary in the shade seems a fine way to pass the day to me, especially when you have a good book or two to read as you sip!

    A dragonfly that size would be scary to me - nothing that another Bloody Mary or three wouldn't fix! I hope you all keep enjoying your holiday,

    sending care and huggles to you all, Michelle and Zebby Cat xxx and purrrrumbling (Zeb has a very loud purr)

  3. Other than those annoying political phone calls we get daily (sometimes more than once), the political scene here in TN is fairly quiet... I'm sure it will get worse in the next few weeks. I do like Haslam --and am hoping that he'll be our next Governor. George and i did vote yesterday ---which we like to do early.... Hope we can take back our country!!!

    Sounds like a relaxing trip for you all. We always enjoy our beach trips in May ---and that is the time of year I enjoy the sunshine...

    Have fun with all of those recipes.

  4. I had a McRib once and almost threw up. That preformed meat to look like ribs - eek.

    I was actually cheering erectile disfunction last night. The Cialas ad was a nice break from all the political commercials.

    What color is that dragon fly?

    I mean it Larry, I will help Bev organize a recipe intervention.

    I'm glad you haven't turned into that odd ball whacky bbq guy too. :-)

  5. LA - The dragon fly is was green with irridesent green eyes. It's getting bad when you look forward to Cialas ads.

  6. You've got the mudslinging down, all right. When we were in Virginia last week, I had to laugh at the sign for a dude named Hurt running for Congress, and Ryan asking if the sign 'HURT CONGRESS' meant one should vote for said gentleman or do something to the occupants of said building? Always keep a 14 year old around for probably found that out with Alex.

  7. Cute dragonfly. I'm sure I don't need to tell you about how I froze my butt off at bus duty yesterday, maybe lay a little guilt on you.

  8. It's a good thing I'm not there because I (after just a couple bloody marys) could quite easily mistake your "pond" as the pool which would in effect probably lead to my absence upon the property. Lea Ann's comment about cheering for ED to interupt the political agenda, priceless. I will be laughing at that one for awhile. Enjoy yourself Larry.

  9. "cocky enough to milk a bull"

    How did I miss that one in that book?

    I like sitting on the balcony at the beach too, Larry. Something relaxing about the crashing waves and the smell of the ocean.

    But I bet you took occasional trips down to the pool to fill the ladies glasses, right?


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