Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Morning Stroll

I took the camera on part of our morning walk today and shot several pictures along the way they're better if you click on them for a blow up. This is the rock in the middle of the drive - it was found during house excavation.

It wasn't too long ago that Black Pearl ornamental peppers were a buck a seed and now we have them as weeds that must be thinned out.

Bev loves these suncatchers and drove 3 hours to the Cornbread Festival to buy them for Christmas presents.

Bev used to have little stuffed bears climbing on the tree stump but after several years they failed.

One of her many lilies, the day lilies aren't quite open yet.

The Calla Lily is bright yellow even in the morning shade.

A few shots of Bevs garden, the sun was in the wrong place but still looks pretty good.

I think it's about time to redo the wildflowers - they look pretty weak this year.

A regular morning stop is the volunteer black raspberry patch - note Bevs hand to the right.

Cody has to make a tour of the cow pasture every morning.

I put up some new bird houses in December and didn't have the tools to get the old one out of this post. The bluebirds moved in the new one anyhow.

Blueberries are about to happen. This is three different varieties with the last one the closest to being ripe.

These are my bushes with one more you can't see. They are all different varieties that fruit at different times. Before planting I got a soil test and acidified the soil as needed and I mulch them with pine to keep it acid. As a result I have healthy productive plants -although they need to be pruned.

Here's the result of not doing it right. These blueberries were planted, by my neighbors, the year before mine without proper soil preparation and while it took them a few years they are dead or about to be. The green ones were planted last year and the same fate awaits them if nothing is done. I've given them my advise - we'll see if they take it. Blueberries are easy to grow but give them a pH in the 4 - 5 (4.6 ideal) range or face this. They also have a hard to kill nut grass problem.

We may have ripe maters by Independence Day.

It's nice to live out where we have a nice place to walk without having to get on a high traffic road.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.



  1. Gorgeous garden! I can't help with you with the blueberries, mine don't do fantastic, but they do okay. It's hard to find much sun in our backyard.

  2. Beautiful! Love that photo of Cody! I could probably move in, pitch a'd hardly know I was there (until you were cooking breakfast) :-)

  3. What a beautiful garden! I love those yellow calla lilys.

  4. Wonderful walking place you have! My tomatoes haven't sprouted yet.

  5. You all have a nice place to take a walk in your area. We have so many HILLS around here --that taking a walk is much harder. Thanks for taking us with you. Looks like you'll have berries and maters soon!!!!

  6. Great pictures but the pictures just don't do it justice now that I have been there in person. Your place is truly "almost heaven".

  7. You really ARE a master gardener! Your place looks so lovely and serene - nice, nice post!


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