Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let’s Have A Blogger Party

Bev and I spent Friday getting ready for today’s blogger party - didn’t have too much to do, as the dock, yard, and house were all in pretty good shape, so it was just a little fine tuning. She made her desserts as far as she could take them and I got my ribs and chicken ready to cook. I originally had planned to cook them during my regular BBQ day on Wednesday then reheat, but since they’re a little better fresh off the smoker I decided to crank up the cooker early and do them today. I got it started at 6am and I’m cooking a little hotter so they’ll be done by 11am.

I’m using Billy Bones rubs on everything today – Original on the chicken and an Original/XXX Cherry mix for the ribs. I’ll put Smack Yo Mama, Big Kahuna sauce on the chicken and I’m having a little taste test for the ribs, with two slabs dry, one with Gates Extra Hot and one with Tennessee River Cranberry Delight. Here they are headed for the smoker.

A couple of folks are bringing young teen kids and the weather is supposed to be hot, so hopefully they’ll have a good day playing in the lake and maybe we’ll get by without storms – a lake party is usually a storm magnet though.

Here’s hoping for a great get together when we get to meet some new friends and be able to put real people with words and pictures.

Oh yeah, and since we spent most of Friday prepping for today, we didn’t want to cook and just had leftovers instead.

More on the party later.



  1. I am grumpier than grump that I can't be there, but can NOT wait to hear all about it. more pictures please. :-)

  2. The food looks fabulous - don't you love getting ready for a big shindig? Can't wait for the pictures and write up. Have fun!

  3. I wish we could be there!! I will be thinking of you all, while I'm at my charity, wine and food tasting event!

  4. A great time was had by all Larry at the Blogger get-together today. You and Bev are the greatest and so were those lip smacking ribs.

    We justed loved visiting Almost Heaven South. Thanks so much for your hospitality.
    Sam & Meakin

  5. Dang Larry - if I'da known you'd be smoking stuff, I woulda took a flight up!! Hope y'all have a grand fun time. Wish I was there.

  6. Please hurry-up and share the photos with all of us! How exciting, to have an opportunity to meet your fellow food bloggers.

  7. Hey, I recognize those ribs, lol. I have to admit Larry, I like your baby backs better than mine but they are very close. I think gates is the difference because I do a sweet sauce for Alexis and boys while I prefer a kick like yours had.


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