Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leftover Pork Tenderloin – Final Version

I promise this is the last one as the leftover tenderloin is all gone. Anytime Bev boils potatoes, she cooks extras for other uses – usually home fries – and a recent beans and taters dinner was no exception. I decided an omelet was in order for the final meal, stuffed with the pork, potatoes, onion, cheese and a slice of cooked bacon I discovered in the meat drawer. Here are the ingredients ready to chop. After dicing the meat, I realized that unless I wanted to make a bigger omelet, I had too much stuff, so I put one of the potatoes back and only used about two thirds of the pork.

I started with a sauté of the onion and potatoes in a little olive oil, then added the pork and when it was warm, tossed in the bacon – it was already cooked crisp.

I removed the stuffing from the pan and added two eggs beaten with a little cream and used the typical cooking method of tilting the skillet and lifting the edges to allow the uncooked egg to run underneath. When the eggs were set, I added the stuffing to one side, cheese to both sides, folded it over and slipped it onto my plate.

I also still had some leftover gravy and about three fourths of a biscuit which I believed had to be included with the omelet.

Not a bad way to finish off these leftovers but I had to skip lunch again.

A&W Drive-in For Lunch

The above meal was actually from a couple of days ago and the following is from yesterday. A&W has been a tradition around these parts for a long, long time and there is an old timey drive-in version down the road a few miles in Madisonville. In a bid to recapture my youth, I've been wanting to go there for lunch for months, but I never seem to remember it. Yesterday I had to go about half way there, Bev was available, and I remembered it, so in spite of the 90* temp, off we went. Bev just had a cheeseburger, but I wanted the full experience and ordered a footlong hotdog with chili, mustard and onion, an order on onion rings (to share) and a rootbeer.

Well I can mark that off my list of wants now. The hotdog looked good, but the chili tasted an awful lot like what I remember Hormel from a can tasting like. The onion rings had a nice crunch but not much flavor and the rootbeer came in a paper cup rather than the frosty mug I was expecting. Like many things, it wasn't as good as I remembered so either they've changed, I've changed, we've both changed or we just remember things better than they actually were. I had the same experience the last time I tried Sonic about 5 years ago. Oh well, guess I'll just have to suffer and eat our own cooking.

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  1. I enjoy reading your creative leftovers. Too bad about A@W. I loved them too. I would hate to go eat there and be disappointed!

  2. I can't believe they served that Root Beer in a paper cup. I hope it still tasted good. I used to love their root beer with that thin sheen on ice on the mug. Loved their Coney Islands too and have an alledged copy-cat recipe for the original chili topping that I've been wanting to try. As always, great post.

  3. I love root beer, too, and I love birch beer even more. So now you have me wanting a root beer float - how did I get that out of a chili dog?

  4. Bet you two go through a huge amount of eggs each week... We only eat eggs once a week (Saturday which is omelet day) --so it takes us awhile to get through a dozen eggs these days.

    I remember the A&W Root Beer also--BACK in the day!!! I do like Sonic though ... They have a wonderful Vanilla Milkshake --made out of REAL ice cream... ha



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