Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BBQ Day Two

Yesterdays BBQ day went well and into the fridge went 36 wing pieces, 9# of pulled chicken, a turkey breast and 8 slabs of baby backs. And the beauty was that with Bevs help it was all done and the pans washed by 12:30 and 84* outside. Here’s a pic of one of the ribs.

And what do you have for dinner when you’ve spent the morning BBQing and had some for lunch.

It’s like working in a candy store – you spend so much time with BBQ that it makes you want fried chicken, we’ll have brisket and pork tonight.

I got the 4 briskets and 7 butts prepped by 7 pm, fired up the smoker at 235*, put the meat on at 9 pm and I was ready for bed.

When I got up at 5:30 am, I checked everything, dumped the collected juices into a bowl for de-fatting, and put the two fatties on. Later on I’ll pull 3 butts and turn some brisket into burnt ends. I used to pull all the butts, but I’ve convinced most of my friends that it’s easy and a lot cheaper for them to buy the whole roast and pull it themselves.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. wow, that's alot of food. I do believe you're done until at least September! Tell Mr. Bojangles that he's not so famous that we've heard of him in Denver. It all looks delish!

  2. Dazzling amount of BBQ, Larry! If this is retirement, how hard did you work before?? :)

  3. Oh my, that a heck of a lot of BBQ. I can imagine it smell wonderful around your house. What I wouldn't give for a plate of pulled pork.

  4. I can't even begin to imagine what that all smelled like!


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