Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast Fatty And Eggs

It’s 8am Friday and Bev, my daughter, and the grandkids are all still in bed, but I’ve been up awhile and ready for a little breakfast. I remembered I had piece of a fatty in the frig and decided on it along with over very easy dippy eggs and toast – I can only imagine how many eggs yolks I’ve dipped a piece of toast into over the years.

I’ve mentioned this before but a fatty in its simplest form is a tube of breakfast sausage that is cooked in the smoker, thereby getting a smoky flavor to it. I usually smoke mine to an internal temp of 145* -150*. In perhaps it’s most elaborate form it is flattened out, stuffed, re-rolled and wrapped in bacon – Jeanne over at Cowgirl’s Country Life recently posted one of these – link. I often stuff them, but rarely add the bacon, as I don’t need the extra calories. I’m posting this because now that I’ve convinced all of you non-BBQers to try smoking on your grill via my beer can chicken post, I wanted to give you something else to smoke along with it. I’ve never fired up the smoker just for a fatty, but usually toss a couple on when I’m cooking other items, then just slice and nuke when I want some. They can be as basic as just unwrapped and smoked, but I usually sprinkle on a little of my pork rub for some extra flavor.

Here’s breakfast and it was delicious.

I discovered this shot of Jennafer (granddaughter) on the camera when I downloaded the pictures and couldn’t pass up posting it.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Jennafer always looks at things with a different perspective;)

  2. I'd stand on my head too for that breakfast.

  3. Hi Larry, I know you are having a wonderful week with your kids at home.... I love 'dippin' eggs---and like you, love to scoop up the yellow with my toast...

    Never heard of 'fatty' though... OR --if I have had it, I didn't know it by that name...

    Have a great weekend.

  4. lol Larry, Jennafer is so cute! Can you stand on your head like that? :)
    Great looking breakfast fattie and eggs.. I wish I had a plate of that right now for supper. :)

  5. This is genius! I have added smoke a fatty to my list!


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