Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alex The Cave Dweller

I remember as a kid loving to make a tent or cave out of anything I could – a blanket over a couple of chairs for example. It’s nice to know some things about kids don’t seem to change.

A few days ago, Alex wanted to have two friends over for a camp out, but since we have no tent and rain was predicted, we suggested they just sleep in the garage with the door open. We thought this would be close enough to outside to be acceptable, but after taking their stuff to the garage, their plans changed. As it turns out, it appears as though it wasn’t the outside they wanted as much as the tent, so they went around the house, gathered up all of the spare blankets and draped them over the dining room table. They created more of a cave than a tent, but it appears to have worked well for them, so well in fact that Alex is still sleeping there even though her friends have gone home. One day, she came out for food, drink and bathroom breaks, but otherwise was holed up in her cave all day.

I would have been bored to death staying in my cave all day, but there is one big difference between now and when I was a kid – my cave wasn’t wired for cell phone and computer with online movies.

So while some things don’t seem to change, some things obviously do.

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  1. That's hilarious! My forts weren't wired for modern conveniences either! Of course all we had was 3 crummy TV stations.

  2. How funny! My caves didn't quite have all those luxuries either.

  3. After one of our mammoth snow storms this winter, my boys hollowed out a couple of the plowed out snow drifts with the kids next door, and they enjoyed their snow forts for a long time! There even seemed to be snowball fights now and again. Of course, snow caves aren't wired, either!

  4. Oh --how I remember those days of making tents/caves out of blankets.... SO much fun!!!! But--I wouldn't want to go back there and do it all again... I'll just savor the memories!!! ha

    Cute post, Larry...

  5. Oh I LOVE it! And wouldn't I love to just do that for a few days myself.

  6. This reminds me of making "club houses" when we were kids. I would have loved TV or music. I'm going to make a fort with my grandson next week - he'll love it!

  7. So funny! Trevor has converted his bunk bed to a major fortress using sheets and blankets strung across it. They get so offended when you finally try to take it down.


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