Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks To All Who’ve Served

When I was a youngster, I remember discovering my dad’s box of military memorabilia in the closet and believing I was in hog heaven. It contained sergeants patches, service medals, etc. and while I eventually lost or broke all of them (Dad didn’t seem to care) I enjoyed the discovery and adorning my room with them. Like many in his generation, he didn’t talk much about his service during the war, but when I got older I asked him about it. He was in North Africa and Europe for around four years and according to him you really just forgot about your other life at home and assumed the military life would go on forever. I can’t imagine the sacrifices made by those folks and all the others through the years, including those serving today, who have made it so I can live in the land of the free. As we enjoy our holiday today, let us not forget what we are celebrating and say a big thank you to those who make it possible.

Enjoy your holiday and here are some shots of yesterday’s quesadilla meal, using a recipe inspired by Pam over at For The Love Of Cooking. We wanted something to use the meat left over from Fridays jerk chicken and this seemed perfect for a lazy, rainy Sunday. We were also able to help with the clean-out-the-freezer-project by using some Anaheim chiles and roasted red peppers we’d put up last year and some of our canned jalapenos. I de-boned and shredded the chicken, chopped up the peppers and let everything come to room temperature. Since I had the flavors from the jerk seasoning, I didn’t add anything else but salt. For cooking, I put everything but the cheese on one half of a flour tortilla and the cheese on the other half then laid them on the grill over low heat with the lid closed and let them warm and crisp until the cheese melted and the bottom browned. Headed for the grill.

Alex wanted only chicken and cheese on hers.

To serve, I folded the cheese half over the other half, removed to a cutting board, cut into two pieces (it was too thick for four) and plated. We served them with the leftover mango salsa and some sour cream. It was an excellent quick and easy meal with very little cleanup.

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  1. The quesadilles look great on the grill. My Dad never talked much about his service either. He was a Marine in Guadacanal. We have a rainy Mem. Day in Lake Lure too.

  2. Hi Larry, My Daddy served 4 yrs. in the Navy before he and Mama were married. He never talked much about it---other than he did have a chance to go around the world!!!!

    Yes--we need to remember our servicemen and women who died for our freedom...Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.

  3. Thanks to your father and others!

    Great looking quesadilla, Larry, those are lightweights. Pam does always make the best dishes, doesn't she.

  4. Here Here! Thanks to your father and all who have served for us.

    We've had a couple of low rumbling and humbling flyovers of fighter jets this morning.

    Those quesadillas on the grill look fabulous.

  5. Man - those quesadillas look good. I might have to make myself a quesadilla for dinner this week.

  6. Great looking quesadillas Larry!

    My Father served in the Army in Europe during WWII. He even recieved a Purple Heart, but like your dad, he didn't talk about it.


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