Friday, May 28, 2010

Breakfast From The Frig

I had a couple of leftover items in the frig and for breakfast, I decided to work toward using them up. Fortunately, the meal included three of my favorite things: eggs, potatoes, bacon (even though it was the Canadian version). So it was some leftover smoky paprika home fries & Canadian bacon both reheated in the microwave along with a couple of plain ole moist scrambled eggs. When I was a kid, one of my very favorite breakfast meals was Grandma's scrambled eggs (always moist and gently folded into big fluffy curds) and a piece of toast - and it's still a favorite.

It took me awhile, but I finally figured out the slit on the top piece of bacon is from the meat probe I used when smoking - looks like I did pretty good getting it in the middle.

I’ve decided I prefer boiled potatoes for home fries, as they are not as dry as these baked ones turned out to be.

Alex (the granddaughter) has one trait that I really wish I had. Not only is she a picky eater, she, also, just eats to live and as such, she’s nice and slim. Whereas I eat pretty big, frequently fattening breakfasts, she usually just has a bowl of cereal – although it’s something sweet (sweets are her weakness). We ran out of cereal, Fiber One bars, and pop tarts this week, so she went with her third fallback meal – cinnamon toast. I remember eating it regularly as a kid, to my great enjoyment. To make it quick and easy, we keep the sugar/cinnamon mixed in a shaker. I think we mixed it ¼ cup granulated sugar to 1 tsp ground cinnamon. She doesn’t like a lot of butter, so we just use enough to ensure the sugar/cinnamon sticks.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. You always make the most wonderful breakfasts, Big Dude. Whenever I see your Canadian bacon my mouth begins to water.

  2. My hubby only eats what I put in front of him. He rarely goes looking for food because he's bored or because he likes it. I try to keep lots of fruits - fresh and canned - around, to avoid the call of the sweets. Not gaining weight is a big struggle, but I lost about 15 pounds in November and December, before my surgery, because I couldn't walk, so I'm a happier camper this year. That said, I'd love your breakfast. Happy Memorial Day, Larry, Bev and Alex! Enjoy your dock.

  3. Yes---I wish I were more like Alex also... I have ALWAYS loved to eat... Wish I didn't!!!!! ha

  4. My husband's side of the family are rolling eyes...ridiculously picky. I've never seen anything like it...Once he was around "good" food he quickly learned to appreciate the fine art of cooking/eating. How long as Alex lived with you??? :-) I just eat small portions and exercise alot.

  5. She's a little scared of fat eh? Most young-uns are. I keep a shaker of cinnamon sugar right in a sprinkle top bottle on my counter all the time! Never know when you'll want a cinnamon toast snack. I have been on a potato kick here lately - made a small size regular potato salad couple days ago, and baked some potatoes today for a cold baked potato salad. I seem to be craving carbs lately, but after seeing the egg scramble, you have me wanting some eggs now.

    Hope you have a great weekend Larry!

  6. Temp probes and injectors can leave their marks can't they?

    I'm with you on boiled potatoes are better for cooking a second time like that than baked ones.


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