Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strawberry Chicken Salad Ala Lea Ann

In keeping with our plan to empty the freezer and eat as many strawberry dishes as we can, we had a recipe I’d saved from Lea Ann over at Mangos Chili and Z. I made up the dressing early per her recipe and seasoned the chicken with some Wolfe Citrus Rub about 1pm. I suggested to Bev that she buy a nice spring greens mix, but she thought the romain and baby spinach we had on hand would work fine. Can you believe it, about 2pm our neighbor showed up at the door with two bags of fresh picked leaf lettuce – the perfect addition to our dinner salad. I quickly got it in cold water, then washed it and put it on a towel to dry a little before I stuck it in the frig.

I like that she’s taking pity on me since I’m not growing anything but a few tomatoes and peppers this year.

Just as Lea Ann did, I lightly coated the chicken in flour and sautéed it in olive oil on all sides to an internal temp of 170*. Bev pre-dressed the lettuce, including S&P, and put it on the plates, then we put the other ingredients on top. My pic isn’t as pretty as Lea Ann's – what do you expect, I’m a big clumsy guy – and I forgot the raisins on mine.

Thanks Lea Ann and now it’s back to the berry patch.

I mowed yesterday and the grass is already suffering from drought stress - never happens in May. It got dark and windy in the early evening and I could seen lots of rain on the radar just west of us (4-5 inches in some places), but we barely got enough to wet the driveway.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Looks good Larry. I can guarantee you that your salad was much tastier with that fresh lettuce and strawberries. I had those bulbous commercially produced strawberries. Good, but not a match for smaller grown venues. Thanks for the shout-out. Always nice to see your name in lights. :-)

  2. Looks good! We hit the farmers market this morning but the strawberries seemed a bit past their prime unless we were eating them today. Got some great greens though.

  3. We didn't get any rain much either, Larry, today or yesterday... Nashville AGAIN got a bunch!!!!

    Your strawberry chicken looks great --but that leaf lettuce (fresh from the garden) looks even better. Yum!!!

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Looks good! If you need something else, on my blog, I did a recipe from Closet Cooking for a roasted strawberry goat cheese salad that is great! We just had it again last week.

  5. Beautiful dish - on both blogs. I'm amazed that you have leaf lettuce already. Mine is up, but weeks away from harvest. It's my favorite thing to grow up here. Hopefully my strawberries and raspberries will be ready about the same time so I can make this salad. Nice post!

  6. Vickie - Actually our leaf lettuce will soon be done for the season and bolting. When I grow it, I usually plant in early March and begin harvesting around mid April.


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