Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kicked Up Scramble For Breakfast

We’re still getting fresh asparagus from the garden and I got a new package of buckboard bacon out of the freezer – finally finished off the Czech sausage and Canadian bacon. Sure sounded like the makings of a little breakfast scramble to me, but wait, remember the sauce I posted about on Wednesday. Here’s my plate, including a piece of toasted homemade bread.

The sauce was delicious on the eggs and I like it so well, I’m thinking of trying it on the last piece of strawberry pie. And the best part – I still have more.

Thanks for stopping buy and have a great day.



  1. I'm so hungry right now I think I could eat that sauce of a piece of strawberry pie!!

  2. No sauce on my strawberry pie, thank you. I would fear ruining the wonderful pie. Nice breakfast; that bacon looks divine!

  3. I will try anything twice (just to make sure) but that sauce on pie sounds a little dicey. :D


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