Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wow, Finally A room For Alex

I know this will only appeal to a few family members, but decided to post it for them. We finally got around to refurnishing the guest room to make it the granddaughters room. She made it very clear she did not like the “motel furniture” that was in there. Motel furniture = rich pecan finished wood, signed prints and candle sconces on the wall, antique stained glass lamp and no hot pink throw rugs – wish I’d taken a before pic. So she and Bev went shopping at Wallyworld and then shopped some more on line and she picked out what she believed was needed for a normal 11 year olds room. I spent about 7 hours over three days doing the “some assembly required” part – I think I may hate those three words more than any others. After getting the furniture in, Alex spent several hours getting it organized to suit her (corkboard wall hanging, lava lamp, etc) and here are the results. She decided against a dresser as she keeps her clothes on hangers or in baskets in the closet. We still need a stand for her monitor, radio, etc.


  1. Looks like Alex got exhausted watching the "some assembly required" bit. I sure hope her clothes remain on their hangars and not on the floor. The room looks great - super job!!

  2. That's the thing about food bloggers. I have found that they appreciate the family bit just as much as the food, because the two are so closely related.

    On a related note, did you know that "some assembly required" is often mistranslated from the Chinese phrase for "Oh (dad/grandpa/whoever's putting this together even though someone else bought it), you are so totally in for a frustrating weekend" ?

    I'm pretty sure it is, anyway, based on my experience.


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