Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Great Day To BBQ

I didn’t get around to posting this last night. A little rain in the morning, but 70’s all day sure beats the low 90’s for hanging around a cooker and since late morning it was a beautiful day in east Tenn. Since I’m not a competitor, I rarely cook just to practice, but decided to do it Wednesday.

A while back, I bought a book by one of the biggies in the BBQ world and finally got around to trying his rub and sauce. I did an experiment on 3 slabs comparing my rub/ sauce (single and double glazed) with his as he described in the book. Also, did a slab of spare ribs with my stuff to compare to back ribs. Finally, I cooked a slab of beef ribs with Billy Bones Beefmaster just for practice and a fatty of homemade Italian sausage to see how I liked it smoked.

And the results are: the smoked sausage was great, the pit beef was very good, and my rib/double glaze combo was judged best of the loin ribs – this is a significant feel good and says – so I’ll stay with what I’ve been doing. The spares were the best I’ve done and the wife even liked them (unusual). The beef ribs weren’t quite done enough, but I’ve decided as much as I like brisket, when it comes to ribs, I much prefer pork.

Here's the three rubbed comparison ribs

The finished sausage

Finished pit beef will make great hot or cold roast beef sandwiches

I got so caught up in rib tasting, I forgot to take pics as they came out of the smoker. So, here's a pic of the post tasting rib pile


  1. I did a side by side with spares yesterday. I did the easy go to standard (BB original/cherry with a bbq sauce/cherry preserve glaze) and a pork rub I made up that works great on chops and a peppery glaze. Just like the trend in comp judging (ha ha), the family and guests picked sweet over heat.

    The ribs look great and the pit beef looks awesome! What cut of beef did you use, eye of round?

  2. Ribs look on the money, that beef looked good, but by the grain, should be cut across grain, rather than with it.. but you were there, and I was not- so it's always the cook's call! Chris sent me over- he's a great cook! I've competed for years in chili and BB-Q cooking.. stop by anytime, and good job! Cook on, smokers!


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