Sunday, September 13, 2009

What A Nice Birthday

When you get over 60, birthdays aren't near as much fun as they used to be, but this was a pretty nice one. We grilled up some steaks and sided with twice baked potatoes and garlic bread and topped off with key lime pie and double chocolate brownies (forgot to get dessert pics).

I got them just right.

My plate - it was delicious

The captain at the helm of his pontoon boat during the post dinner cruise on the lake - Alex is on the torpedo in the back.

Riding behind a pontoon boat is pretty boring so she had to entertain herself by doing other things

A small place along the lake - hard to believe folks live this way.

A wet dog. Sweetie got so excited or worried about Alex being back on the torpedo, she jumped off the seat into the lake and swam to her. She'd never done anything like that before.

A nice little tranquil shot of the sun beginning to set and reflect off the water.

If I could reverse the numbers in my age it would have been a perfect day.


  1. Your Birthday!
    Carol and I missed it, to my regret, since we were in Chattanooga. But you know the circumstances.
    It was obviously a great day weatherwise and otherwise.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Looks like a spectacular weekend and well spent! We have an Alex too, but she is (choke) 23 now. Happy Belated Birthday!


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