Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Blog Inspired Meal

I’m really enjoying other people’s blogs – the scenery, the adventures, and the food. When I was growing up, fried cornmeal mush and our version of scrapple, see below, were occasional menu treats. I can still picture my grandma standing over a big pot of (always yellow corn meal) mush spitting out steam resembling Yellowstone’s mud pots and showing me how to tell when it was cooked just right with the dripping off the spoon test. After reading Chez’s blog yesterday Link, I was inspired to make a small batch of cheese grits for frying up today. Here’s my plate of grits fried naked, ala grandma, some more bacon and a couple of fried eggs. All was delicious, but next time I’ll dredge them in corn meal to reduce the amount of grease spatter from the water in the grits – I trashed the stove. I could have cooked them a little more crispy as well, but the eggs were done and I don’t like hard eggs. Washed it all down with some homemade mater juice. Oh well, life’s a journey and tomorrow is another day to make improvements on what I did today.

Scrapple Our Way (Cornmeal mush with meat in it)

Cook a pork butt in water
Remove, cool, and shred the meat pretty fine
Measure broth amount, bring to a boil and add correct amount of cornmeal to make mush
About halfway through add the pork
Cook until done - spoon test, put into bread pans, cover with wax paper (didn't have plastic back then) to prevent tough crust from forming on top. Chill
Slice and fry

Plan to make up a batch ala Cowgirl Link which is meat with cornmeal in it, more like traditional scrapple vs. my family recipe.

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  1. "cook a pork butt in water"

    Heh heh, can't even bring yourself to say "boil pork" can you :) :)

    Looks great, Big Dude!


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