Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Beautiful BBQ Day

What a great day to BBQ. Rained most of the day, as usual, but temp hovered around 70. Today was my monthly BBQ day, and I had a pretty fair load for the smoker. Here’s some pics of the raw meat ready to head for the pit.

Two briskets with Billy Bones Beefmaster

Pork butt with my homemade rub

Raw Czech sausage

Finished regular fatty, cooked to 147

Finished Czech sausage cooked to 147

Rubbed ribs ready for the smoker - can't believe I forgot the finished pics as they were beautiful

Smoked bologna - many folks do it more fancy but I like just plain ole smoked bologna

A finished brisket for a friend

The finished butt

My plate - leftover twice baked potato and some great pulled pork

Our brisket, it was excellent

All in all, a great day at the pit, with only a couple of adventures


  1. How do you keep your camera clean?

  2. them's some good lookin' groceries right there ~ nice job.

  3. a great day on the pit...well done, and great photos. I just found your site, but love it. I will be back

  4. Dang, Big Dude, when you Q, your REALLY Q! Awesome spread. Hope to hear more about that czech sausage, is it one you make?

  5. Chris - I mix the sausage and smoke it. I may get a stuffer some day. I get unspiced ground pork from a local grocer who makes their own breakfast sausage and I get the spices from a Czech meat market in East Texas. It's different and very good - the three local butchers said it was the best they ever ate. I'm going to try beef and a beef pork blend next time.


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