Monday, September 7, 2009

The Skiing Queen

We have a friend who is an excellent water skier and ski teacher, so yesterday was granddaughter Alex’s day at the lake and a skiing lesson from Mister David. She had skied before on skis that were tied together and the towrope was actually attached to the skis. For today’s first rides the skis were still tied together but not attached to the rope. It took her a time or two to get up, but she rode like a champ in some pretty rough water.

After several rides like this and a rest, it was time to try it without the skis tied together. She made it up on the second try and went about 50 feet before the skis split out and she made a great face plant. She decided she was a little too tired for this and it would be the order of business next time out.

Ok, the queen is ready to get this show on the road

Ready for take off

Just a little shakey at first, but she recovered and stayed up

I believe I can do this - small floating house in the background

The look of happy contentment

The cheering section shouting (and barking) encouragement

The queen on the way back to the dock - I think she had too much fun

It sure was a fine way to spend a couple of hours


  1. Thanks for the photos Larry. We miss Alex so much. She sure looks happy! :)

  2. Cypress Gardens, here she comes!


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