Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Beginning To Feel Like fall

I took a stroll around the yard, and while I enjoy gardening and boating during the summer, I love it when the air starts getting dryer and crisper as it is on this beautiful 60 degree morning. While I appreciate the pluses of all the seasons, it’s fall I most look forward to – I guess because I know I’m about to get some relief from the long hot summer. By this time of year, I’m gardened out, laked out and heated out. My neighbor Pat and I are the only two people I know who claim fall as their favorite season. Some plants are beginning to show their fall colors as with the light reddening on the burning bush leaves

or the bright red winterberries, which are usually on the plant long after the leaves are gone

Unfortunately, many things will be ending their season and they will be lost to cold weather.
Soon the crepe myrtles will be just wood – which is pretty in it’s own right – and the banana tree will be reduced to a brown leaf pile after the first frost. Fortunately the blue spruce will continue to show off all winter.

The flowers around the rock will all go away, but fortunately they are all perennials or self seeding annuals so next years show should be just as good.

It’s also time to harvest the last of the sweet corn (pulled and quickly cooked sweet corn is a real summertime pleasure) and dig the sweet potatoes. The garden will be put to bed in early October.

The miracles of nature never cease to leave me awe struck.

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  1. I'm sure you've noticed this given as much time as you spend in your back yard, but that tip of that rock looks like the back of a black bear's head. Like she is up on two legs looking back over her left shoulder.

    Summer is still my favorite but I do love those first few crisp cool mornings when everything is still summer green but you can just smell fall it's so close.


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