Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Love Breakfast

First of all, can anyone out there tell me why my followers are no longer showing up on the blog page?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve posted several breakfast pics. That’s because I really like breakfast food and can eat it for any meal. Today, it was just scrambled eggs and fried cheese grits. I sauted some onion and red sweet pepper in olive oil, beat up two eggs with a little cream (for fluffier eggs), and diced a little Cabot sharp cheddar. When the onions were tender, added the eggs and cheese to the pan and slowly folded the eggs into soft curds (Grandma's trick - slowly scramble eggs over med low heat and gently fold into big soft curds as the bottom cooks and serve moist). Meanwhile, I fried up version 2 of the cheese grits - this time, I dredged in corn meal, which definitely reduced the grease spatter. Meal was very good and I have enough grits for one more time. Forgot the bacon this morning but it’s better for me to do so.


  1. I am having the same problem with followers not showing up. I contacted blogger and got the standard response.. They are aware of the problem, they are working on the problem and be patient.

    Grits are great! very underrated as a side. a little cheese, a little hot sauce... yum

  2. Thanks much- I'll quit looking around trying to figure out how to solve the problem

  3. They are showing up now....I guess they figured it out:)

    I love stone ground grits! Tonight we were eating the beef stroganoff we were supposed to have last night and I told Alexis, "Man, you know what this would go great on, besides egg noodles?"

    She replied, "GRITS!" and she was right!


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