Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Rainy Day In Tennessee

According to this mornings weather report, we're in for a significant rain event and looking on the map, I am a definate believer. We've had 3" so far this week and may yet get that much more. As a gardener, I try never to complain about the rain because while getting a lot of it can be a major issue, not getting enough to grow food can be far worse and I hope I never see it.
Here are a couple of pics off the front porch

And speaking of food, I finally finished off my cheese grits by dredging in flour and frying. Between no coating, cornmeal, and flour, I believe I like the crust provided by the flour the best. I decided to eat it as a meat lovers special so I warmed up a couple slices of bacon and a slice each of regular breakfast and Czech sausage fatty. May have to do double Lipitor today - but it sure was good.


  1. Stay dry if you can. Trevor and I just had to dig a trench to redirect the water run off (we have downhill driveway) around the house because our french drain has clogged.

  2. Stay dry, remember real men still cook in the rain...
    And cheese grits sound great


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