Sunday, September 13, 2009

Black And Blue Salad

Since we had a flat iron steak in the freezer, plenty of salad material and some blue cheese dressing, Bev suggested we have black and blue salad for dinner – which I’d never heard of. We marinated the steak in the leftover roadside chicken stuff from yesterday, grilled it for 3 minutes per side, sliced thin and topped the salad - it was delicious. I’m a pretty good smoker and griller and a fair cook, but Bev is the creative chef in this family. Here’s a pick of my plate (my plating skills need a little work).

Also checked the results of my germination test from the four cucumbers I had saved. I got 100% from 3 of them, but only 40% from the other one - I'll give it another day or two, but it will likely get trashed.

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