Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks Alexis

I saw this recipe on Swibirun’s blog from Sept 3 and have really been wanting to try it. Since Beverly took Alex to the orthodontist this afternoon, she put me in charge of dinner, so today it is Italian Sausage Fettucine ala Alexis ( also our granddaughters name who goes by Alex). I pretty well followed the recipe as she made it (with her modifications) but used a clove of minced garlic rather than garlic powder. Since I didn’t want to clean two skillets, I cooked the meat, onion, herb concoction in a skillet then put it aside and used the same pan for the sauce – later decided it was good to pick up the extra flavors that were left in the pan – but may have made the sauce a little more brown. We thought it was a home run recipe and will definitely cook it again – way to go Alexis.

The finished sauce - looks just like my normal sausage gravy less the red chunks.

The dish on the platter

We mixed all the sauce and pasta, then plated and topped with parmesan (obviously pre grated)

After thinking about it, I figure this dish must be from Southern Italy – what could be more southern than sausage gravy over starch.


  1. ha ha, love it! It is like sausage gravy isn't it?

  2. Definitely a receipe that we'll try... Can't go wrong with Italian Sausage, garlic, onion, a rich sauce and lots of pasta! Big Daddy Dave


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