Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quesadillas From Leftovers

On Mondays blog, I said that any more BBQ leftovers had to be in the form of a totally different meal and that often means Tex-Mex for us. From BBQ day and the blogger party, we still had the choice of chicken, brisket and pork available. This was to be the last use of the brisket before it went into the freezer.

I decided that for myself, rather than a single meat version on a large tortilla, I’d rather have one of each meat on a small tortilla – I had a big breakfast but no lunch today so I could splurge a little. I put the highly flavored meat, some chopped onion, chopped jalapeno, chopped mild chiles, diced tomato, and five blend cheese on mine. I grilled them on the gasser over low heat with the lid closed and topped them with some pico de gallo. Bev had brisket, her sister Pat had part pork and part chicken and Alex had just brisket and cheese. This is the assembly area. Everyone made up their own, and brought them on the plate to the grill.

This is Bevs finished product.

Here’s mine cooking then as a close up then plated. I’d like to post the pico de gallo recipe, but Bev can’t tell it to me. She chops cucumber, onion, tomato, jalapeno, and cilantro and mixes it up with Italian dressing and some extra vinegar and S & P until it tastes right to her. However she does it, I love it (remember, she’s the real chef in this family).

Since we’re trying to eat up the meat, we didn’t have any sides, although some of Chris’ mac and cheese would have worked well (I wish we had ended up with Sam’s orange salad, Chris’ mac and cheese and Katherine’s jambalaya leftovers – I may have to make that a dock party rule).

What a fine way to use up leftovers and continue the weekly Latin/fish/pasta/southern-Cajun plan.

I've often said that Bev was the real cook in this family and I think the higher than normal comments to yesterdays post about the pork biscuit meal she cooked bears that out - my feelings aren't hurt :-)

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Where's the runny egg? :-)

    This looks delicious Larry. Great use of leftovers! I'm a big pico de gallo fan. So fresh.

  2. A tortilla is so handy for turning leftover meat into another meal! Not that I'm entirely positive what "leftover" meat is LOL!

  3. Larry, you make me smile. Your leftovers are better than most people's feasts. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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