Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Smoked Bacon Explosion For Today

My retired buddy, Joe, and I try to get together every week or two to talk about life, investing, solving the world’s problems and to drink a few margaritas. Don’t know that we’ve solved anything yet, but by the end of the afternoon, we don’t much care if we’ve solved anything. We picked today for our get together because I’m smoking a few fatties for friends and family, somewhat inspired by the bacon explosion fatty from cowgirl .

She made up a piston and cylinder to shape her stuffing and I’ll have to make me one soon, but didn’t have time before today, so used my old standby method. She also used a plastic bag in which to roll it out, which I’d also seen on a BBQ forum, so I did do that and it helped get the sausage very even and square. I went ahead and made the fatty up as I usually do, but I had the sausage too thin and it wanted to come apart, so I stuck it in the freezer for an hour and put the made up lattice in the frig for the hour. It all went together easily after that.

The sausage rolled out in a bag - this worked real good.

The sausage with the stuffing on it.

The bacon lattice

Ready for the smoker

I was so anxious to try it, I forgot the finished pic, but here's the cut one. I really like the look provided by cooking it all together, mixing and extruding vs the seperate ingredients I got.

After I got mine all made, I exchanged emails with Cowgirl and she advises the inside diameter of her pipe is 2”. Then the little light bulb shows up. Remember that jerky gun I wrote about yesterday, guess what it’s inside diameter is – right, 2”. And guess what it’s designed to do – right again, to be packed with mixed up food and extruded into shapes or one shape for a fatty. It will be perfect for my next one.


  1. Bacon Lattice...

    meat (and a little stuffing) wrapped in meat wrapped by meat!!!

  2. Well executed! What was the orange in the mixture?

    Good idea about the jerky maker. I don't have one so I'll still make a fatty piston.

  3. Chris - that's probably the yellow sweet pepper - just happened to be what came out of the garden that day.

  4. Big Dude, it looks perfect!! :)


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