Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Butt Ugly But

Pretty tasty. I grew some of the ugliest sweet potatoes ever this year – many of them just grew together into blobs. But since we have them, I decided to grill this one tonight. It was so gnarly, I had to cut it in half to wash it – was about 6” across. It was cut into slices, steamed til almost tender, then grilled with some olive oil and finely chopped rosemary from the herb garden. We sided it with some grilled eggplant, which just came out of the garden and steak from the freezer. I know it’s an unusual combo, but we’re trying to eat what’s on hand. The eggplant was marinated in Italian dressing, grilled and topped with shredded cheddar. The steak was dusted with Texas Rib Rangers Gourmet Steak Seasoning and grilled to medium rare.

Isn't it a beauty

Ready for the grill.

The veggies grilling.

Everything about done.

The veggie platter.

My plate.

I liked the steak, thought the sweet potato could have used some drizzled butter over it, and the eggplant was a little tart for me – however the wife and visiting daughter liked them both as they were. It’s just hard to beat baked or pan-fried-in-butter sweet potatoes. All told a pretty good meal.

Any grilling or cooking advice in general is always appreciated. Have a good one. Larry


  1. They might have been funky looking, but that meal looks great after you grilled it!!!

  2. The steak looks perfectly cooked for my tastes!


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