Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Morning Drive

I finally remembered to take my camera with me this morning to take some shots along my morning drive to take Alex to school. I took all of these out the car window, so this is what I actually see. I love living in the country and hate to see more and more of this beautiful land being turned into sub-divisions.

This is one of the prettiest pieces of land I've seen and it has a couple thousand feet on the lake.

The mist coming off the lake - note the tree reflections on the other side.

Hay rolls waiting to be stored.

The last cutting of hay ready to be bailed.

A couple of barns and pastures.

A once proud farm being reclaimed by nature. Hopefully some one will come along and restore it as is being done to another up the road.

I'd sure like to know what all this old guy has done in his life.

There's something soothing about grazing cattle.

Another barn in need of some work.

A few shots of the lake and the light morning fog.

The entrance to the only development in the area.

Another lake shot - peaceful in the morning.

The main road just prior to my turn off.

My neighbors pasture and a few of his Belted Galloways (oreo cows).

The little lane I live along - hopefully I'll get this shot with some snow.

Hope you enjoyed the show and have a great day.


  1. Great shots, Larry, especially the lake ones that have the reflected tree line in them. Good eye.

  2. Thanks Chris - that's a real complement coming from you. I'd attribute most of mine to blind luck though.

  3. What a beautiful area Big Dude! Looks wonderful. :)


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