Friday, October 30, 2009

It’s Hard To Beat

The smell and look of fresh mowed grass. I know, I must be hard up for something to write about, but sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that I enjoy the most. I had the camera out Friday morning and took a few shots of the fall scenery here at Almost Heaven South.

A few shots of the landscaping.

This is the lateset adition to the herd next door and according to my neighbor this red calf is pretty rare.

We have lots of oaks, hickory, and poplar trees around here, but not nearly so many maples - here are a couple in the yard across the street.

A couple of roses hanging on to the last moment.

The first reaction to this shot may be "why did he post that?", but this big ole sycamore, just out our living room window, will get more impressive as winter deepens and in January, it's white gnarly limbs will look very good against the gray weather - and hopefully I'll remember to shoot it.



  1. One of the things I really like about you Larry is that you truly appreciate life. You seem to be keenly aware of the little blessings and are a grateful person.


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