Friday, October 30, 2009

The Real Chef In The Family

I’ve said this before, but Beverly is the real chef in this family. Wednesday, I made some soup that we thought was just ok, but last night she turned it into something very good ala Chef Chez. I had cooked quite a bit of extra pasta to be sure I had enough for the soup and to eat as leftovers, we had some leftover yellow and white cheese from the fajitas on Sunday and we had some ricotta cheese in the fridge – sounds like a casserole in the rough. In a dish, she put down a layer of the soup, then ricotta, then pasta, then soup again and finally the cheeses plus some parmesan and into the oven, wallah - pasta fazul lasagna. The pic is after we dipped into it, but it was delicious.

I’m not sure why I do any cooking round here and publish a food oriented blog – oh yeah, it’s because she won’t do it and I’m the one who likes to talk. Have a great day.
Larry and the Chef


  1. OMG... Same here... My wife does the creative leftover stuff, while I scream the recipes I only follow... And she won't blog either.

    Now our secrets out.

    But Ain't they something

  2. As an engineer by training, my whole life has been about following the plan (recipe) so I have to work really hard to dig out a little creativity - so I married into it.

  3. You wife seemed to have done a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. "married into it" now that was funny!


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