Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Good Cool Weather Meal

It’s cool and drizzly in East Tennessee today– you know what that means – our first batch of chili for the season. Bev’s cooking today using a recipe we jointly came up with over the years - we used to just wing it, but we finally decided to write it down so we could make it the same every time. If you’d like the recipe, send me an email – address under my profile. We’re making 12 quarts so we can provide some to others.

Started off by browning the meat in two batches, two pounds at a time and drained it in a colander.

Then added the onion, peppers, garlic (veggies from the garden – picked the peppers this am) to the pot and sauted until softened and added the meat back to the pot.

Then the 4 types of beans – sorry to you no-bean-chili purists

Then came the spices (including homemade chili powder) and tomatoes.

A good stir and ready to cook awhile and adjust seasonings as needed. After cooking awhile some chopped tomatoes were added to have some tomato chunks when finished. We pretty filled up the 16 quart pot.

A big bowl for dinner topped with some cheddar and chopped green onion – hey it’s rough but somebody has to eat this kind of food. Supposed to just be 50 Saturday, so chili will be perfect for a football-watching day.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Ours are a lot alike. And yes, I'm a "beaner". We made a batch this week too and it disappeared in 24 hours.


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