Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Some Stuff For Today

Since it was supposed to be rainy, I put off pepper day until today. Here’s a shot of the paprika’s in the dehydrator and a sheet pan of the sweet ones for the freezer – we freeze individually then bag so we can just get out what we need (they were partially frozen when I remembered the photo). Hopefully, those still in the garage will turn and I’ll get a few more colored ones to both freeze and dry.

This must be the definite end of summer at Almost Heaven-South as we’re closing the dock on Sunday and took the jet ski out yesterday. I had to wade in the water to load it on the trailer and the water was refreshing to say the least.

I received my new herbs and spices from Penzey’s yesterday so I made up a quart jar of my chili powder – it has everything you need to season the chili except salt, black pepper, and heat – it has a slight heat, but we use powdered cayenne to get it where we want. I used the coffee grinder (dedicated to spices), to grind the herb leaves into coarse powder. Here’s a pic of the ingredients except the Ancho powder, which got left out.

While I was typing this, Bev got this picture of Bella working at Alex’s computer – checking her email I guess as she seemed to be reading intently.


  1. So when we get a post that says, "I made a brisket, but it was a little 'ruff' " we know it wasn't Larry is Bella!

  2. Hard to tell what all she does after I go to bed.


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